Cryptotek is a company offering joint mining, investments in trading and deposits. A distinctive feature of the project Cryptotek is that it has an official registration in the United States. This can be easily verified by a number of documents that are publicly available.



The page is translated into several languages of the world, among which there are Russians, English, Turkish, Polish and others. Cryptotek is owned by Cryptotek Corporation, which was established in 2016. The main areas of activity are mining, trading, investing and creating users own crypto exchanges.

At the moment, users can work with the service in three directions:

  • Joint mining
  • Investing in trading on exchanges
  • Deposits

Joint mining

One of the main features is cloud mining. The company offers its equipment in the data centers of USA, Hong Kong and the Netherlands. Moreover, cryptotech is engaged even in the development of its own equipment.

Mining contracts are concluded for a period of one year. Users are offered the following currencies to invest in their production:

  • Bitcoin (100 USD per year will bring ~190 USD)
  • Litecoin (100 USD will bring ~195 USD)
  • Ethereum (100 USD will bring ~185 USD)
  • Peercoin (100 USD will bring ~188 USD)
  • Namecoin (100 USD will bring ~200 USD)
  • Monero (100 USD will bring ~204 USD)
  • Dash (100 USD will bring ~180 USD)

All forecast data are taken from the calculator on the website and are approximate.

An interesting feature is that the purchase is not in USD, but in the internal currency of the company, which is called CRT. These tokens can be distributed among the currencies the user needs to mine. Payments from the mining pool are made in real time.

Investments in trading on cryptocurrency exchanges

Mining is not the only investment opportunity on the Cryptotek website. Users are also offered to buy a share in the trading pool and get good interest. Pools differ in the cost of the share and the interest rate. The higher the value of the share, the more users can get from the investment. The following offers are available:

  • Start (share price is 100 USD, the profit 208.05%)
  • Standard (price 500 USD, profit 227.34%)
  • Business (price 2500 USD, profit 245.07%)
  • Premium (price 7500 USD, profit 278.44%)
  • Exclusive (price 22500 USD, profit 292%)
  • Leader (price 62500 USD, profit 319.64%)

Under the terms of the contract, the company is obliged to pay the investor money for one year once a week. After investing, users will receive a special certificate that confirms their right to share.


It is also proposed to put money on deposit. They are presented in the form of packages that differ in the frequency of charges and the possibility of defrosting ahead of time. The following packages are available:

  • START GOLD (the price 1000 USD, the yield 336%)
  • START GREEN (the price 1000 USD, the yield 252%)
  • STANDARD GOLD (the price 5000 USD, yield 360%)
  • STANDARD BLACK (the price 5000 USD, yield 300%)
  • STANDARD GREEN (the price 5000 USD, the yield 264%)
  • BUSINESS BLACK (the price 25000 USD, the yield 348%)
  • BUSINESS GREEN (the price 25000 USD, the yield 324%)
  • PREMIUM (the price 125,000 USD, the yield 348%)
  • EXCLUSIVE (the price 500,000 USD, the yield 360%)

Payments occur during the year.

Affiliate program

The site offers an affiliate program that allows users to earn on attracting new users. The system is multi-level and the user will receive bonuses even for those who were attracted by his referrals.


The service is distinguished by providing high-quality technical support to users. If users have any questions, they can contact the service team using a special form on the website. It should be noted that there are usually no problems with the work of the project and all payments are made in a timely manner.


  • Official registration in the USA.
  • The availability of all necessary documents indicates the thorough training of developers and their serious intentions in the market.
  • Support of several areas for investment. The creators went further and created not only a platform for cloud mining, but also an excellent platform for investing in trading pools and the ability to Deposit.
  • Regular payment. For all the time that the project is presented in the market, it did not have any problems with payments to investors.
  • Some of the highest interest rates in the market. The money that the user invests in Cryptotek can be multiplied several times, and the starting amount is only one hundred dollars.


Low prevalence in Runet. Despite all these strengths and popularity in the United States, the project is not very popular among Russian-speaking users.

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