Kingcuan has a vision to help investors with their small or large capital so they can generate a stable profit monthly. Surely, we are the real partner and we realize about the dreams of people to get the right financial freedom in their lifetime. Our commitment is to create a transparent investment community. Also, we open our eyes to see the possibility on how to increase their income as the investors of Kingcuan.

We are doing something more than just involving in the financial investments like the forex market, the crypto market, the stock market. Our attempt is to involve in more economic sectors like fisheries, property, and agriculture. These three things are popular sources of income in this era. Besides, the more sectors to invest, the stronger Kingcuan’s investment portfolio will be. Do you want to get more income? Do you want to start an investment with bigger results than the deposit interest in banks? Do you have monthly income with small capital and good marketing skills? Then, we suggest you to join Kingcuan. You can find many things here. We offer our affiliate system and we are sure you can make money without initial capital to have.


The main problem we would like to solve immediately is on how to make investors get the stable profit from their capital easier than now. Also, we have a commitment to offer a very flexible liquidity. It is because doing an investment in a hedge fund company means investors must provide a minimum of funds and that is quite large. Therefore, Kingcuan attempts to relieve investors from the lower-middle income so they can invest, too. Our second problem is about the old system. In this modern era, there are still many investment companies using the old system. For example, they rely on one and two financial sectors to generate profit. But, it does not happen in Kingcuan. It is because we are using the latest management and investment strategies. Also, we can create a big profit rate. Kingcuan offers their investors with the latest systems. We combine different investment sectors, trading techniques also strategies. It is amazing that we have forex robots to develop so we can work with the high possibility to make profits. Our large investment community has many experts in their field. Therefore, we are able to decide about what we consider and we plan anything carefully to support the investors and their satisfaction.


Kingcuan uses the popular smart contract platform, called Ethereum. Many tokens are available with the presence of smart contact ethereum to support the ecosystem. We can release the Kingcuan project by using the Ethereum platform. We can say that Kingcuan is a simple project, why so? It is because Kingcuan invests their investment funds in various financial sectors. They do not use it to build any start-ups just like the common token projects. At this time, there are many crypto projects and these are working with ICO funds. The goal is to finance their start-up. Therefore, they failed to maintain the price of their tokens on the market. As a result, the price of their tokens falls, even below the ICO price. Learning from here, we then created a project to make sure that we can increase the price of the tokens. So, we consider working in the investment sector to get big profit. Also, we will return the large profits to investors. We may allocate some to maintain the price of our tokens on the market. Therefore, we ensure to increase the price of the tokens significantly to get more profits. In this project, we have a concern about the security of our investors and their funds. Therefore, we are investing in something medium and long term. We are not going to use any investment strategy with a high risk of loss. Our Investment Package: What to Offer What we offer in our investment package is quite different from other products. Kingcuan offers benefits for about 5% minimum per month. Investors may get up to 15% as the maximum benefits monthly. We also complete our project with the affiliate system to increase more members in our Kingcuan community. This system will provide more marketing benefits for our product. We also have a big commitment to create a large community so they can invest more in their crypto world. Furthermore, we believe about this project and we will do our best attempt to keep your trust as our investors. We want you to get high satisfaction. Additionally, we, Kingcuan team believe about the idea of creating a transparent and decentralized hedge fund community. The presence of our efficient and profitable method is available to anyone who wants to become our investor in the crypto world  How Kingcuan Runs The Platform And How To Get Funds to Generate Huge Profit Our team consists of professional traders, forex market analyst, forex robot developers to develop AI, and the expertise in finance, fisheries, and agriculture. We are working together with the same vision and mission. So, we can build the Kingcuan community for long term business. Also, we provide benefits for both our investors and holders of the tokens. We divide our profits into three ways; daily, monthly, and annually. The daily profit is from foreign exchange and crypto trading. Meanwhile, our monthly profit is from foreign exchange, crypto, and the volatility of the price of our tokens in the market. On the other hands, we generate annual profits from fisheries, property, agriculture, and stocks. As a result, the profits Kingcuan can generate are from the system that combines different portfolio together with the innovations we make in our team. Therefore, we support the sustainability of the ecosystem.


There are many ways to earn money while using our platform 1. Smart Hedge Funding : We offer profit with a minimum of 5% a month and a maximum of 15% a month. 2. Trading : Once the ICO is finished you can trade CUAN on the External exchange 3. Revenue Sharing : We offer interest Upto 30% a month just by doing simple tasks. 4. Affiliate : By referring people to our platform you can earn rewards 5. Free coin : you will get free coin by just doing some simple tas


Our Smart Hedge Funding platform will give you a minimal of 5% a month, this is what makes us unique from others. We have implemented a unique system that nobody else has ever done before, the chain reaction system, more information about this will be given at KINGCUAN once the hedge funding has started. Our bot will automatically buy at lows and sell at highs. Also arbitrage will be used. Another thing we are planning to use is investing in ICO’s we think have a great future and a great price, all you have to do is sit back and watch a minimum of 5% a month interest rate added to your account. Hedge funding on our platform is completely safe! You will gain interest in USD


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