Company overview DEEPAERO

Currently, the growth of new aviation technologies is very fast. It’s time for drones. The company DEEP AERO offered its view on the development of this technolo-GIC aspect and made proposals on the introduction of the latest aviation developments in the life of ordinary people. Thus, the company decided to aircraft technological innovation to deliver on the peace wheel. Unmanned aircraft has long been successfully used by geologists, military, polar explorers at their stations, the police. An unmanned aerial vehicle is a drone. Drone-the latest artificial intelligence in the service of man. The drone, which is controlled by the operator or due to the nested in the program, may carry out the operation. But prior to the offering, the company DEEP AERO start using data tehnologicheskii development for peaceful purposes city no one else would. And the proposal is of a very casual nature, namely transport services.DEEP AERO generates the offline saving of drilling on the basis of AI Blockchain.They are changing the urban transport system, new services for the transportation of passengers and goods.There is an implementation of the transport of goods and passengers by air. Introducing the latest technology, the company cares about the comfort of our life, travel and other aspects of human life. Improving the quality of municipal services using the latest technology also has huge advantages.In exploration geological development drones have proved to be indispensable assistants in the development of geological exploration. The military has long used such latest developments for their own purposes. This reduces the number of soldiers killed. After all, the drone can be collected for a short period of time, and the loss of a soldier is not only a financial loss(spent on training a soldier),but primarily moral.But in the age of new technologies and developments, people have come to the fact that everything needs to be optimized and minimized. And this care was taken by the developers of the new company. All innovative projects of the company lead to improvement of quality of life of people and their safety. And one of the basic rules of innovation is the preservation of the environment. Improved service quality leads to better quality of life. While the market in this direction is only developing. However, it is already clear that this team is the first on this path with world importance. The team from all over the world offers us once and for all to forget about the catastrophes of land and air. Already now it is possible to invest own efforts in advance of this project.It doesn’t matter if you have money or not.It is important what kind of participation you take.All of us together with this team are promoting the project.someone who invests in cryptocurrency Deep Aero,this company is a private cryptocurrency.The DEEP AERO platform releases its own DRON tokens, which can be purchased on PRE-ICO and ICO.Dron tokens support the ERC-20 standard.All tokens will DRON – 5000000000.

Detailed crowdsale in the DEEP AERO project

Tokens in the project DEEP AERO:

the name of the token— DRON blockchain-Ethereum total issued tokens 5 000 000 000 Percentage distribution of DRON tokens:

  • 50% – Crowdsale
  • 10% – Pre-Sale
  • 25% of Founders (locked in for 24 months)
  • 10% – Advisors
  • 3% – Marketing

Three stages ICO in the project DEEP AERO

Stage 1 ICO 1 may 15 may 2018 stage 2 ICO 15 may 1 June 2018 phase 3 ICO 1 June 2018 of a nominal value of 1 DRON 0,05 Hard Cap – 75 000 ETH

Contact details of the company

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