DeepCloud AI

DeepCloud AI is a cloud computing platform managed by AI to create decentralized IOT and Web 3.0 applications. The project uses the consensus Proof of Service (PoSe) with the use of masternodes (the number of coins required to run the masternode is not specified).


Main areas of use

  • Smart cities
  • Logistics
  • TV providers
  • Decentralized AI learning models
  • IoT (device data is handled securely)

Machine learning (models can run without access to data)


  • Test platform – 3rd quarter of 2018
  • The introduction of the first dApps – 1st quarter of 2019
  • Start of work with corporate clients – 3 quarter of 2019


  • Softcap 8 000 000 USD
  • Hardcap = 15 000 000 USD
  • 40% of tokens are claimed on crowdsale


Project team

Max Rye, project CEO – experience as IT Director in various large companies for 10 years. Geeta Chauhan, CTO – experience as a CTO in various projects for 25 years. She participated in the development and launch of more than 15 platforms based on AI, cloud computing, etc. At the moment, the team has more than 10 people. The project has 4 advisors: CEO of Nebulas, CEO of Nanosec, 2 top engineers of Huawei.


The project team places great emphasis on close partnership with Nebulas. Nebulas and Deepcloud AI teams were invited to the Google office to present their ideas.


  • iExec – 61 000 000 USD
  • Golem – 288 000 000 USD
  • Sonm – 60 000 000 USD


  • Strong project team
  • The presence of MVP (before ICO)
  • Small capitalization


  • Uncertainty with funds
  • Strong competitor projects are launched

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