Deex is a decentralized exchange for quick and easy exchange of cryptocurrencies.



Deex is based on the most advanced platform for creating decentralized exchange BitShares 2.0. Its engine allows to process up to 100 000 transactions per second. The maximum number of transactions in the BitShares blockchain reaches 920 000. At the same time, the cost of transferring to BitShares is much cheaper than in Bitcoin blockchain. In the first stage, Deex plans to use the BitShares engine. In the future, the startup should create its own engine.deex token is listed at Coinmarketcap and traded on btc-alpha and sistemcoin exchanges


In addition to the usual cryptocurrency trading, it is planned to create a platform for the safe conducting of ICO and the creation of new blockchain systems. In this case, tokens will be automatically added to the Deex exchange. Also, the project intends to issue payment cards associated with Deex wallets, which will allow to pay with cryptocurrency in retail outlets. The startup plans to introduce its own network of cryptocurrencies for quick purchase and sale of digital currency. The Deex cryptocurrency is expected to circulate freely. Stability and security of the blockchain should be guaranteed by the principle of delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus. Under this consensus, the community of Deex will have the opportunity to choose representatives, whose task will be the confirmation of a transaction of cryptocurrency. Elections in such a system are held on a democratic basis.

Commissions per trade range from 0.2% to 0.5%. It is also planned to introduce a margin trading cryptocurrency on the exchange, from which a fee will be charged. The crypto exchange plans to sell its technology to other crypto-projects and using the API to exchange data with various exchanges.

Within the 2019 year, has made many break throughs, includind IEO platform development as well as succesful completion of Cryptomat IEO project, mobile app launch, cryptomessanger launch


To promote your project, Deex has developed a bounty program. It means that crypto-enthusiasts will tell about the crypto exchange and receive Deex tokens for that. Bounty works only for the duration of the ICO. It is planned to spend 3% of all Deex tokens on it. To participate in the bounty and get cryptocurrency, a user should make a repost of news about the crypto exchange from his real account in social networks. Bounty tasks can be more difficult, for example, to write a review on Bitcointalk or to translate a part of White Paper.


At the pre-sale stage, Deex managed to attract 3410 ETH ($2 million). The full ICO started on January 10, 2018 and lasted for more than a month. The amount of attracted investments increased to 11,623 ETH, which exceeded $8.5 million in the fiat equivalent. In total, more than 60 million tokens were sold during the ICO. They were placed on the decentralized exchanges Openledger and . ICO has received good ratings from different resources.


The team consists of 8 Russians. Each of them has an impressive experience in the field of finance, banking and start-ups. Among the partners are 9 companies, including Razoom, Erica and Karma.

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