Ticker: DESI
ICO start: 2018-08-20 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-11-01 00:00:00
Price: 1 DESI = 0.08 USD
Tokens: 410000000
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 32,000,000 USD
Softcap: 3,500,000 USD
Raised: 0
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 51%
Accepting: ETH

DESICO is the world’s first platform to issue, buy, and sell security tokens in full compliance with the law. Its ecosystem will disrupt the global $155 billion venture capital market by introducing security tokens through blockchain.



What problems does DESICO solve?
Problem #1: No infrastructure to issue security tokens
DESICO’s solution: DESICO will create a legally compliant, and therefore game-changing infrastructure to issue and trade security tokens. DESICO’s infrastructure will consist of a security token offerings platform, a security token exchange, and a payment system.
Problem #2: A lack of post-ICO liquidity
DESICO’s solution: DESICO will operate a security token exchange as a key part of its infrastructure. This exchange will provide immediate liquidity to any security tokens issued by any business listed on the DESICO platform. The exchange will be subject to regulatory supervision.
Problem #3: A lack of liquidity for ICOs in converting crypto assets to fiat currencies
DESICO’s solution: DESICO will have a fiat-to-crypto payment system. This will allow DESICO to execute payments and manage payment accounts, whilst ICO-funded businesses using DESICO will be able to manage both their crypto and fiat holdings.
Lithuania’s Minister of Finance, Vilius Šapoka, credited DESICO for fostering the country’s “fintech and blockchain communities by promoting the settlement of global blockchain and fintech businesses in Lithuania.”
Furthermore, in June 2018, DESICO secured $100,000 USD worth of funding after ranking among the TOP 3 from 160 ICOs in the prestigious ICO Race competition in Lugano, Switzerland.
DESICO’s team members have worked together for a number of years, built successful businesses, and bring a unique mix of legal, financial, and marketing knowledge to develop an crowdfunding platform for the next generation of ICOs.

Crypto Badges

DESICO is promoting transparency in the crypto space and was awarded the Competition-verified Badge by Crypto-Potential[1]:

Competition-verified badge, The project has done market and competition analysis.


2015 Q3: DESICO core team establishes p2p lending platform. Key features: real time bidding, automated investments, secondary market, user friendly interface.
2017 Q1: DESICO core team launches crowdfunding platform for businesses.
2017 Q3: DESICO core team receives E-money license.
2018 Q1: DESICO core team – becomes a member of the ICO regulatory development team, setup by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania.
2018 Q2: Formation of developers team. Promoting the platform among blockchain community.
2018 Q2/Q3: DESICO Tokensale.
2019 Q2: Launch of Security ICO platform – Beta version.
2019 Q3: Launch of payment system for Crypto/fiat.
2019 Q4: Launch of built-in exchange.
Opening of office in Amsterdam and Berlin.
2020 Q4: Launch of Security ICO platform – full version.[2]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Laimonas Noreika Co-Founder / CEO Laimonas Noreika photo 4.3
Audrius Griškevičius Co-Founder / Business Development Audrius Griškevičius photo 4.3
Tim Simon Chief Technology Officer Tim Simon photo 4.3
Darius Noreika Co-Founder / Chief Operations Officer Darius Noreika photo 4.3
Vytautas Matulevičius Chief Marketing Officer Vytautas Matulevičius photo 4.3
Nico Muro Chief Design Officer Nico Muro photo 4.3
Irmantas Kanopa Senior Developer Irmantas Kanopa photo 4.3
Deividas Norkūnas Junior Developer Deividas Norkūnas photo 4.3
George East Public Relations Officer George East photo 4.3
Ingrida Willems Community Manager Ingrida Willems photo 4.3
Greta Jonaitytė Content & Creative lead Greta Jonaitytė photo 4.3
Augustinas Košys Chief Security Officer Augustinas Košys photo 4.3
Povilas Laučius Development Lead Povilas Laučius photo 4.3
Artūras Paleičikas Smart Contract Developer Artūras Paleičikas photo 4.3
Raimondas Reinikis Quality Assurance Engineer Raimondas Reinikis photo 4.3
Vitalijus Misikovas Developer Vitalijus Misikovas photo 4.3
Marius Lukošiūnas Developer Marius Lukošiūnas photo 4.3
Vytautas Šenavičius Legal Advisor Vytautas Šenavičius photo 4.3
Ronald Kleverlaan Crowdfunding Advisor / Expert Advisor on Alternative Finace at European Commission, Member of the Global Alternative Finance Leadership board at University of Cambridge Advisor Ronald Kleverlaan photo 4.3
Jeff Burton Strategy Advisor / Member of founding team at Electronic Arts, Executive director at SkyDeck Berkeley – UC Berkeley’s startup accelerator Advisor Jeff Burton photo 5.3
Efi Pylarinou FinTech & Blockchain Advisor / Global Fintech influencer and Co-Founder & author at Daily Fintech Advisor Efi Pylarinou photo 4.3
Donatas Tamelis Digital Marketing Professional, Founder and MD of iProspect in Lithuania Advisor Donatas Tamelis photo 4.3
Ethan Pierse Investor Relations Advisor Advisor Ethan Pierse photo 4.3

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  1. “DESICO’s profile on Crypto-Potential”, Switzerland, 07 March 2019. Retrieved on 22 June 2019.

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