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Deus ETH is a blockchain based virtual game developed by Tokenville project. Deus ETH is a visual novel, lottery and survival show based on smart contracts. All characters are tokens, anthropomorphic coins living in blockchain. The show consists of 10 episodes featuring 50 characters who go through a sequence of events simulated by smart contracts. In each episode there are some deaths, of which the details are provided in an accompanying visual novel updated regularly by illustrators, animators and copywriters. All Deus ETH characters had equal chances of winning in the end. Deus ETH has shown how blockchain can be used in storytelling. The team behind the show intends to continue working in this field.



Deus ETH operates on Ethereum‘s blockchain network. Each Deus ETH character is unique and owned by the user, validated through blockchain. Nobody can duplicate or transfer the characters without the user’s permission. Users can interact with their Deus ETH characters by buying, selling, and collecting them. The show was announced in February, 2018 and lasted for 3 weeks. At the end, 3 winners shared a prize of 13,59 ETH (~$6,800 USD) that was raised over the course of the show.


The ownership was tracked via a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. The narrative was created as a sequence of events provided by smart contracts (Episode manager). In every episode, a smart contract was responsible for determining which characters survived and which died. The team used a Randao smart contract for generating a random number that would determine the deaths in every episode of the show. The number obtained in the campaign was used as a seed for the Park-Miller pseudorandom number generator , which provided uniform distribution. The IDs of the dead heroes were determined by the generator. The show was built to become a franchise; different storylines will take place in the same universe where tokenized heroes are real creatures that are born, die and evolve constantly.


The users named Deus ETH “the most creative and entertaining use of smart contracts so far”[1]. Overall, the viewers did enjoy the show. The audience found the storyline captivating, and they appreciated the sense of humour of the authors, even though some parts of the story were called “brutal”[2].


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