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EasyBit was founded by Michael Dupree Jr. and Andrew Flessa, in December of 2013. The company bought its first Bitcoin ATM from BitAccess. Since then it has become one of the largest Bitcoin ATM companies in the world. EasyBit now works primarily with GenesisCoin, the top bitcoin ATM manufacturer in the world. Buy or Sell Bitcoin in over 10 countries. Quickly convert BTC to cash or vice versa.

EasyBit has been around since Dec of 2013. DPP LLC is the operating arm of EasyBit for the USA. DPP LLC is a Delaware corporation which is registered to do business in over a dozen states (everywhere that we operate Bitcoin ATM’s). The office/headquarters is in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the Buenos Aires Bitcoin Embassy. The team currently operates in over 12 countries and are growing daily.

EasyBit does have ATMs outside of the USA, however it does not currently allow for investments in operations outside the US.

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