ECC Coin

ECC Coin is an open source platform. In addition to financial operations for the transit of cryptocurrencies, it also implements the tasks of introducing innovative technologies in the field of commerce.



ECC Coin, working in conjunction with the financial core, simultaneously functions as a branched system of various services. Sending and receiving coins and messages has never been easier. This will only require a nickname, thanks to the ANS address name system. The total number of ECC for production is 25 billion units. New coins appear intensively, the block time is 45 seconds.


The ECC Coin project appeared in early 2014. It was headed by Greg Griffith, who works together with a team of developers: Bruno Alano and Dan Molitor. For Greg and his staff ECC Coin is not just a job, but a real child, because they are interested in the material, as invested there not only their strength and knowledge, but also their own money. A few years ago, the cryptocurrency market was not so full of financial assets as it is now, so they had to use our own funds for development. They agreed to risk their capital because they have many years of experience in the development and crypto business, therefore, they are confident in the success of the project.


The method of proof of ownership (Proof-of-Stake) is used for the work, in which the power of the computer does not matter. Now they are developing a multi-chain core, which has several flagship services, built directly on the blockchain. Among them are systems for financial circulation and communication through the messenger, which are decentralized, as well as means for storing and transferring files.

These features will be implemented thanks to Address Name Service (ANS).

File storage takes place on the blockchain platform indefinitely. This gives a 100% guarantee that they are safe and hidden from unwanted views. Users can contribute by helping the system store files by becoming a host for it. For this, they will receive gratitude in the form of a bonus of ECC coins. As for the transmission of text messages within the network — they are guaranteed to remain confidential, thanks to a special encoding.


  • Speed of operations. Transactions are instant, within just a few seconds. Therefore, users save their time, as they get rid of the need to wait for the bank to process the transfer.
  • Network scalability. The system provides many threads that can occur simultaneously, and allows users to add many different services to the platform interface. The team’s specialists managed to develop a special tool based on blockchain.
  • Protection of personal data. Users’ information will remain confidential in any situation. This issue is clearly controlled by the administration.
  • The multiplicity of network nodes that provides a decentralized platform.
  • Each individual node that uses a payment service has a payment chain that is stored on its default computer. It looks like a file containing the transaction history from the first to the current one.

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