Elite: Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous is a video game developed and published by . Piloting a spaceship, the player explor | rev1 = | rev1Score = 7/10 | Destructoid = (PS4) 9/10 | PlayStation LifeStyle = (PS4) 9/10 }}

Elite: Dangerous received an aggregated score of 80/100 on based on 52 critics, indicating that the game received “generally positive reviews” from critics. Reviewing the game for , Rob Zacny called it “one of the most enthralling and evocative space combat and trade sim games I’ve ever played” and “also one of the most boring”, seeing the balance of “brief, intense emotional peaks and long, shallow valleys of boredom” as “fundamental to Elite’s identity”. Reviewing a later version of the game in April 2015, after playing the game since launch, Lee Hutchinson from described Dangerous as “so damn good that it transcends its problems”. Joel Peterson of gave the PlayStation 4 version of the game 9/10, calling it “A hallmark of excellence. There may be flaws, but they are negligible and won’t cause massive damage.”

The announcement of the removal of the offline mode on 14 November 2014 was met by a number of complaints from customers, with some saying they had backed the game on the understanding that it would feature offline play and others that there had been no prior warning of removal during the whole of the preceding development period. Frontier offered refunds to customers who had pre-ordered the game without playing it, Later, Braben, speaking for the company, announced that refunds would be judged on a “case-by-case” basis.

The game had sold around 1.7 million units by the end of May 2016. By the end of December 2016 over 2.1 million paid franchise units were sold of Elite: Dangerous. As of August 2017, the game has sold over 2.75 million copies.

Elite: Dangerous won the 2015 for best audience.Elite: Dangerous also won ‘Best of E3’ from TheEscapist.com and games.cz in 2014. It was nominated for Evolving Game by the British Academy Games Awards (BAFTA) in 2017. It also won the best VR game of 2016 from .

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