Elliptic is a blockchain security start-up working to establish trust in blockchains by preventing money-laundering and illicit activity. The Elliptic software is build to spot connections between entities on the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. Elliptic helps banks, exchanges and brokers to detect fraud and stay compliant.


Elliptic Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Tool

Elliptic’s transaction screening and investigations tool enables cryptocurrency exchanges, brokers, banks and other financial institutions across the world to prevent illicit activity and provide safe and trusted crypto services. Elliptic has an in-house investigations and training team that works directly with financial crime investigators to help them tackle cryptocurrency-enabled crimes, providing expertise in the field of blockchain and crypto.

The Bitcoin Big Bang

In 2015 Elliptic became widely known in the bitcoin community for The Bitcoin Big Bang visualisation. The visualisation showed the activity on the bitcoin blockchain from the genesis block generated by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 until 2015. The visualisation provided new knowledge of how many major exchanges and marketplaces were connected.

Overview information

  • Type: Private
  • Industry: Financial services, cryptocurrency, blockchain.
  • Founded: 1st October 2013
  • Founders: Adam Joyce, James Smith and Tom Robinson
  • Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
  • Area served: Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, Middle-East, North-America, South-America.
  • Product: Software as a service
  • Website: www.elliptic.co

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