Eloisa Marchesoni

Eloisa Marchesoni is the youngest ICO, IEO and STO Advisor in the crypto scene at the moment, as well as an influential Article Author for ICObench and some of the most important websites and Blockchain Evangelist.

She has been nominated Europe’s #1 Token Model Architect and Due Diligence Expert, as stated in Irish Tech News and in ICOIndeed, leading the development of this trending and very rare role, which is going to become central in the in the blockchain world in the near future. In particular, a well executed and planned tokenomics is going to determine the success of ICOs, STOs, IEOs, and all kinds of other exit strategies for blockchain-based projects.

Eloisa is one of the leading women in the blockchain industry, listed as such by Humans of Blockchain, and actively involved with the NYC Women in Blockchain.

What does a Token Model Architect do?

A Token Model Architect analyses the structure of the token model, integrated with the ecosystem that it creates, during all phases of the token lifecycle (discovery phase, design phase and delivery phase). Game theory and behavioral economics will be used as design tools, together with classical methods.

The results of such in-depth analysis are then summarized in a technical paper regarding the tokenomics, in which all aspects concerning the due diligence, i.e., capital raising (SAFT, private and/or public sale), regulatory consequences (if needed, in collaboration with legal firms), monetary policy and token roadmap, along with the usual sections that every paper must include, are taken care of. This paper usually includes graphs and mathematical/statistic/stochastic models, also illustrating projected financial data and relevant information about the economics built around the token sale.

This is to make sure that the investors perceive the consistency of the project and that they understand exactly the primary function of the token as an interface, enabling the build-up of the network between the ledger layer and the market layer in its entirety.

A Token Model Architect is also always in charge of taking care of any technical issues regarding investor relations, so as to facilitate the funding process.

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