Espers is a new cryptocurrency with a future implementation of the hosting sites on the blockchain Espers is a promising new generation technology which involves the implementation of website hosting on the blockchain. As a result, it will provide them with a whole new level of security. Additionally, it is guaranteed that the website is never deleted, regardless of the situation.



Espers is a new virtual hybrid. First heard about the coin in April 2016, the ryptocurrency was created by the team CryptoCoders. Developers have realized that the existing blockchain technology is vulnerable and they can change that. The result was a new generation of Espers project.

The number of coins of the ESP crypto currency at first was incredible — 500 billion. The first blockchain was called ESP1. It had a lot of mistakes that required effort to fix them. The number of cryptocurrency coins was reduced to 21 billion. The new flowchart has the abbreviation ESP based on Bitcoin version 0.10.

Where to buy

Users can make an exchange of ESP2 or just ESP on crypto-exchanges Coinexchange, Livecoin, Novaexchange.


  • The mobile cryptocurrency wallet has already been launched. It is possible to download at This is the version for Android. Soon it will appear for iOS.
  • Espers is working on the creation of decentralized sites. They will be safe, with fast loading time. They will never be deleted or hacked.
  • New Sidechain and CrossChain interfaces. The first is a block chain that checks data from other block chains. The result is a free flow of values, messages, etc.
  • Atomic Swaps. A revolution for cryptocurrencies in the marketplace and for the marketplace. It will be possible to exchange cryptocurrencies between chains without intermediaries.

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