Evedo is a marketplace and ecosystem built on the blockchain that allows events to be managed through smart contracts. Venue/space owners, DJs, Performers, Artists, Attendees, and Sponsors can come together with their rates/offers where Promoters an Organizers can propose events, manage ticket sales, and it can be done safely and securely using the EVED token.

Evedo is a global platform based on blockchain that allows anyone to create, share, find, attend and advertise their events. We believe in better events and better event organisation. We believe that correct and sufficient organisation is one of the keys to successful events that will fuel the passions of millions of people and enrich their lives

Evedo unifies all businesses and participants involved in organizing, conducting and crafting events of any type, size and location. From music festivals, concerts, conferences, workshops to regular meet ups or hidden parties – our mission is to bring the event industry together, as well as nesting a better way to ticketing.

We are here to transform your event experience – doesn’t matter if you are organiser or attendee.

Join the Event revolution!

Evedo Ltd.James Bourchier 99 Blvrd. 5th Floor, Flat 6 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria Telephone: +44 7754 378753 Email: [email protected]

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