A dream project for every computer system using either of a Commercial or Non-Commercial user, that No Virus could affect the normal working of the computer system with an exciting User Interface.

Excalibur OS is our dream project to gain adoption of 3.5 billion pc users which are increasing day by day, by our unique idea of having various platforms at one place. This Operating System allows you to run different software application extensions at the same time, the system is being built for both 32 Bit and 64 Bit processor. Users have the benefit of having a great virtual experience by executing the software that is supported by Windows, Apple Macintosh, Google Android, Linux & Apple iOS in the same place.

This OS has inbuilt virus protection system and anti-theft system which lets users have experience of a virus free and data security system. The Operating System also solves the problem of Mining by its unique Mining Management System which can mine and manage your coin and have script editing system in which you can add newly launched coin by just adding their script. Users can mine coin with better efficiency because of its enhanced performance which utilizes the efficiency of hardware to the fullest.

In Excalibur OS we’ve developed hundreds of little improvements and a few big ones that add up, frankly, to a whole lot less. Less waiting, fewer clicks, less hassle connecting to devices, less power consumed and less overall complexity. And with less of what you don’t need, your PC running Excalibur OS will help you do more by making everyday tasks simpler and easier. Excalibur OS is clean and uncluttered, with a streamlined interface that puts the tasks you want to accomplish right at your fingertips. You have more control over where to put the things you use most often. Managing multiple screens is easier. And we’ve improved search so that you can find the information you want quickly

We’ve made it easier to run and execute the application files from different OS so all applications will be running at the same place. Even browsing the Internet is easier thanks to improvements in Excalibur Internet Browser.

Users kept on asking for improvements in the basic fundamentals like performance, responsiveness, safety, reliability, and compatibility. We designed Excalibur OS to start up, shut down, and resume from sleep quickly so you don’t have to wait as long to get stuff done. We’ve increased the computer security to that level so no Virus could affect the working of the operating system. And you’ll have greater control over what your kids can do on the PC. Even better, you’ll find innovative ways to safeguard your personal data—all while getting more ways to personalize your PC and make it truly your own. With Excalibur OS, we’ve also made new things possible.

You’ll find fresh ways to enjoy and share your music, photos, video, and recorded TV when and where you want regardless of how or where it’s stored. Excalibur OS gives you more ways to access your data and work productively from any location including making it easier to connect to wireless networks. And we’ve added new ways to interact with your PC through its powerful AI. In the enterprise, the role of the PC is evolving just as quickly as it is in the home. With Excalibur OS, IT professionals have more ways to help their people get more done—more securely and from more locations—while still maintaining control over increasingly complex computing environments.

Now mine the coins from your computer or mobile easily. Because Excalibur OS comes with Mining Management system. It will also be launching as an Standalone app

for all type of devices for Mac, Android & Windows. 


In December 2014, A concept was proposed to have an operating system which has the ability to fight with Viruses and Hackers, the main concept of the operating system was “No Virus, Spyware or Hacker could be able to disturb the normal working of the Operating System. “

Soon after that after that, the work was started to design a prototype and find some eligible team members who can change the dream of having this OS into Reality.

In March 2015 the team was built and work was started.

Till Mid of October 2015, the Kernal was developed and one of the major parts of the project got finished. Soon after the Kernal Development was finished the project was given a name called “Excalibur Operating System”.

Soon after it, the team members started working for User Interface. Some additions in members were done for designing the User Interface. And In End of February 2016, the UI was ready with Material and Lite Design. The system was given three different type of System Menu (start menu). The user can switch any one of them and enjoy the system, the user interface was slightly different but with a friendly design. The system was also given two different type of sidebars, Which gave the OS a Perfect look.

In January 2016, while working on a project an idea came into the mind of founders that if we could execute the system applications files from different operating systems could be like putting the soul into a dead body.

In July 2016, The major part of security development was finished as the concept of Virus and Hacker Protection was live and got the existence in the system. After that, the team was charged and got large of motivation, and after that in August 2017, the team decided to work on the idea of running different platforms application files into a single operating system.

In October 2017, The project got ready and was put on testing and was distributed among all the developers to test it. There was a very shortage of funds so In September 2017, The company decided to launch its own cryptocurrency and so the company can raise the funds and can meet out its expenses and can then share the amount of profit with token holders in the form of bonuses in the ICO.

In January 2018, Mining Management System was started for development to put it as an exciting feature in the operating system. The project got completed in April 2018, and Excalibur OS got Official Existence.


More than a billion people use computer system every day. You use it in significant ways, like earning a living. You use it in personally meaningful ways, such as using a webcam to visit with a faraway loved one. And you experience it in small ways, like playing your favorite song or whiling away a few minutes with a game. Though each situation might be different, your satisfaction relies on one thing: that your PC works, plain and simple.

In designing Excalibur OS, we focused on creating a better experience, regardless of what you do on your PC. And although we’ve made some architectural changes in Excalibur OS, we’ve focused mainly on building upon the platform with improvements.

By definition, a great PC experience means seamless operation across all of your hardware, software, and devices. We want to make sure you have a broad choice for the programs and devices you use with your PCs. Today, In Excalibur OS, the same software and hardware that works on Windows, iOS, Mac, Android & Linux will also work on Excalibur OS.

We’ve made some architectural changes in Excalibur OS, we’ve focused mainly on building upon the platform with improvements.

By definition, a great PC experience means seamless operation across all of your hardware, software, and devices. We want to make sure you have a broad choice for the programs and devices you use with your PCs. Today, In Excalibur OS, the same software and hardware that works on Windows, iOS, Mac, Android & Linux will also work on Excalibur OS.  


As we planned Excalibur OS, we took a hard look at how the world of technology is changing and what that means for you. In doing so, we identified some key themes that influenced our engineering design efforts and helped us to focus on where we could deliver the highest value to you.

• Hardware advances. Tablet PCs with touch screens were introduced more than ten years ago, a whole range of new devices has made touch technology more popular. Similarly, the reduced cost of random access memory (RAM) has led many more people to use 64-bit processors. Other advances include solid-state drives (SSDs), faster wireless networking, enhanced Bluetooth connectivity, multicore central processing units (CPUs), and powerful new graphics accelerators.

• Expanded diversity and sophistication of devices. The type and range of devices continue to expand. Nearly 1,500 new Plug and Play devices are identified each day, with more than 9 million expected by 2021. At the same time, devices like MP3 players and mobile phones store more information and offer more features than ever before.

• The growth of mobile computing. In the United States, portable computers are becoming more prevalent than desktops, and we’re seeing a growing variety of them, like small notebook PCs, ultra-mobile PCs, and Tablet PCs.

• More connection options. People want to get online easily and stay online using whatever Internet connection is available. Furthermore, people want to be able to access work and home information, no matter where they are.

• Connecting multiple PCs in the home. Today, more than half of U.S. households have more than one PC—yet setting up a home network can still be a challenge. For many people, it’s even more difficult to manage, find, and share information across multiple PCs.

• More digital media. People now have access to more types of digital media than ever, including music, video, TV, photos, and an ever-increasing amount of rich content on the Web. This media needs to be easier to find, use, and share—digital media should be accessible through more devices without any added complexity, regardless of whether people are listening to music on wireless headphones or watching movies on a big-screen TV.

• User Interface. People now want to have access to a whole new user interface, so Excalibur OS is designed with Material Design and Lite Design, with three different type of start menu and two different sidebars.  


We recognize that your PC experience involves programs and devices from many different providers, so we’ve made a significant effort to ensure that the applications and devices you use and love are compatible with Windows 7 and work the way you’d expect them to.

Excalibur OS helps address application compatibility in several ways. Perhaps most importantly, we worked to minimize changes in the way applications and devices interact with several other platforms. As a result, the work done by third-party software and hardware developers to make their products work on Windows. Cases, the same software, and hardware that works with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & Linux.

In addition, we created a comprehensive list of the most widely used consumer and business applications, which were tested throughout the development cycle. We also created new and improved tools such as the Upgrade Advisor, Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT), Application Verifier, and ISV Developer Portal to help customers and software developers assess application compatibility.

For untested programs or applications developed in-house, Excalibur OS offers a number of in-the-box compatibility aids. For example, if a program fails to install because of a hard-coded version check, the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter can automatically fix the problem (with the user’s consent) and rerun the installer. Excalibur OS also includes an expanded application shim infrastructure and a Problem Steps Recorder that people can use to capture application compatibility issues for evaluation by technical experts.

Furthermore, we continually monitor application compatibility issues throughout the Excalibur OS ecosystem. We designed Excalibur to monitor application health and, with the user’s permission, provide feedback to us, so that we can work quickly with application developers to resolve compatibility problems and issue a fix if necessary. Excalibur has also invested in partner outreach efforts so that software developers have the resources required to ensure application compatibility.

As with applications, we are also working to ensure that devices compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & Linux will work just as well with Excalibur OS. As a part of this effort, we have greatly expanded the list of devices and peripherals being tracked for compatibility with Excalibur OS. We have identified thousands of devices through data collected via the Customer Experience Improvement Program and through outreach efforts to device and PC manufacturers, and we have tested those devices for compatibility with Excalibur OS. When updated device drivers are required, we are working to ensure that you can get them directly from Excalibur OS Update Tool or through links to driver downloads on device manufacturer Web sites.

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