Exchange guidelines

Since the new client will be launched soon, exchanges should change from Gridcoin-Classic to Gridcoin-Research. On October 12, 2014 notices will be sent to current exchange to ask them to compile the current Gridcoin-Research client and get it ready for trading by the 20th October. On the October 20, 2014 trading should continue on the ticker GRC with the new Gridcoin-Research client. Gridcoin-Classic will be retired by March 2015 to allow enough time for the coin burn, which is supposed to convert coins from the Classic chain to the Research chain. “Burned” coins will be multiplied by ten when entering the new blockchain, so 10 Gridoins-Classic will give you 100 Gridcoins-Research. This step happens only once until all coins are burnt. There is no way back to classic.


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