Localtrade began its existence in 2017. Belongs to the company LLP. Average daily volume is $ 2 million.

How Localtrade works

The new word E-DINAR is a so-called cloud-based mining. It is provided to facilitate the output. The seven most common languages ​​in the world are represented. Developers actively announce all their novelties with social networks. There is a small bonus for users for attracting new customers in the form of 20% of the commission. In case of any questions during the process, users can contact support via chat.[1]Registration

Users create an account and fill in the following data:

  • Email
  • password
  • Phone number
  • Country of registration

To confirm registration it it necessary to follow the link sent to e-mail.

How to enter and withdraw funds on LocalTrade

“My finances” box displays the avaikable currency. Next to the selected currency, there are links “Top up”, “Withdraw” and “History”.

All contributions are without commission. Only for Dirham commission is 2%. The withdrawal is from 1% to 2%, which the exchange will leave to itself.

How to trade and change on LocalTrade

At the top of the exchange there is a list of currencies that can be exchanged. An easy-to-understand chart reflects fluctuations in the price of the token for 24 hours, and a week or weeks. The reward of the stock exchange is 0.2% both from the sale and purchase. Localtrade Code is a tool for transferring money to players. It operates only 90 days, then it is not active.


It’s worth taking care of user’s profile using two-step authentication. The service can freeze user’s funds from one to three days if there is a suspicion of a hack.

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