ExchangeRates.Pro is a price comparison platform. It analyzes the prices of Bitcoin and 33 Cryptocurrencies in 255 countries worldwide. The company mission is to find the most profitable and safe offers to buy, sell, exchange bitcoins for its users. The application compares the prices of Exchanges (trading platforms), Brokers (also sometimes called “Exchangers”) and the P2P Marketplaces.

Key features

  • Platform crawls the prices of ~300 exchanges. New Trading Platforms, Brokers and P2P Markets are added regularly. All the offers available are rated based on the clients’ feedback and other factors.
  • The price of Bitcoin and altcoins are calculated including all the fees exchange takes, the order limits, etc.
  • The service supports 152 fiat currencies. The offers of digital currencies buying/selling are available in over 300 banks and local + international payment systems.
  • The “crypto to crypto” exchange market is also monitored.
  • Application interface is designed with a newbie user in mind, although there are plenty of advanced options for experienced bitcoiners.

How to use the service

  1. Once you visit you see the list of best (considering the rate) offers to buy Bitcoin in your country using the local currency.
  2. If you wish to, you can choose another country, change the currencies, “reverse the exchange direction”, or choose the preferred bank or payment system.
  3. It’s a good idea to enter the desired amount to find the best conditions for your situation exactly, considering all the possible fees and the limitations. If you’ve entered a too big or too small amount, the platform will find the minimal or maximal amount available.
  4. You are free to sort and filter the offers based on your preferences — rating, KYC requirements, limits, etcetera

The most beneficial offers are market with the “rocket” icon — this means that the rate is better than the market.

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