Experty (EXY) is a digital token platform that allows users to get advice from experts from different parts of the world through calls, messages, and video calls. Every minute of communication between a professional and a person seeking knowledge will be paid in the form of EXY tokens. In other words, the Experty project is a platform that will help monetize the knowledge of professionals by selling their time (consultation).



Thanks to the blockchain technology underlying the platform, Experty is a fully decentralized body that allows making cross-platform and decentralized calls. The platform will have its own e-wallet, from which instant transactions will be made with EXY tokens. All data transmitted within the platform will be encrypted by the WebRTC Protocol.


This project is a kind of freelance exchange with its own characteristics. Given the popularity of freelance sphere, the Experty has all the chances to be in demand platform. It can be popular among people who need an encrypted source of communication.

Where to buy

EXY tokens were added to the listing on the KuCoin exchange, where they can now be purchased for $0.14. The total number of tokens that are in use is 27 million pieces. The capitalization of the project is $3.8 million.

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