Extauri will be Europe’s legally compliant fiat and crypto exchange. Users will be able to trade utility & security coins/tokens as well as traditional forms of investment such as stocks, funds or ETFs based on crypto and fiat. Extauri adheres to the standards of the Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union (EMU) and therefore complies with the world‘s strictest licensing-related guidelines. As a result, these strong regulations offer optimal protection against fraud by users and operators of the exchange, as well as undoubtedly legal certainty. In addition to simplifying the lives of private investors, Extauri’s innovative onboarding process makes it easy for companies to connect to the crypto world in a simple fast, and above all, legal and secure way. That’s how Extauri opens up the crypto market by making it easier to use blockchain technology in everyday life and paving the way for widespread acceptance of the crypto market.

Extauri Token (TAURI) Extauri token is an Ethereum based token that allows you to receive 50%discounts on the services of the Extauri trading platform is a crypto & fiat exchange, where utilities and securities will be tradable. TAURI provides users with access to advanced features at the Extauri platform.

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