Flitpay is a Bitcoin marketplace in India. You can Buy and Sell Bitcoin in India using Flitpay. One can use Flitpay to perform fast peer-to-peer transaction, that is no bank in between while making national or international payment, thus no waiting.

Flitpay charges no extra fees for these worldwide payments. There is no limitation on the amount you want to transfer. All payments are transparent resulting in zero fraudulence.

Flitpay verifies a user account by linking it with their PAN card and generates invoice in the name of their respective PAN card, thus making it 100% authentic & 100% legal. They strive to provide customers the best price and services in market along with cashback perks.


  • Location: Jaipur, India
  • Post frequency: about 3 posts per month
  • Facebook fans: 258
  • Twitter fans: 38
  • Alexa rating: 2,824,270

External links

Official Website: https://www.flitpay.in/ http://blog.flitpay.in/

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