FlorinCoin is a platform for creating fully decentralized applications. FLO is a coin that ensures the performance of the entire Florin network. FLO maintains a high transaction processing speed when closing a single block in an average of 40 seconds. The main innovation from the project creators was the ability to add comments to each transaction up to 528 characters. Most of FlorinCoin is based on the open code of Bitcoin, but with impurities from Litecoin.


Where to buy

The Flo cryptocurrency is traded on only three cryptocurrency exchanges: Bittrex, Poloniex and Trade by Trade. At the beginning of 2018, FLO coins can only be exchanged for BTC and USDT.


To get the official wallet for FLO tokens storage, users need to go to the official website and install the client loader. After a successful installation, run the application and go to the “Get” tab, then click on the “Request payment” button. The program will automatically generate and give you your personal wallet address, which can be used to transfer and receive FLO.


Extraction of the new tokens FLO is performed by algorithm Proof-of-Work by hashing Scrypt, similar to Litecoin. Initially, Scrypt was created as an alternative to SHA-256 from Bitcoin, for greater decentralization of token mining, but over time, ASICs also came out, which significantly increased the entry threshold for ordinary users.

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