G-Blade Miner

Gridseed G-Blade Scrypt ASIC in terms of temperature, the GC3355 chips of the device run pretty cool at about 40-50 degrees Celsius. You can use these if you plan on doing a voltage modification to your miners in order to see what are the possibly weaker spots – the components that get hot, in order to improve their cooling and to make sure that you will not overheat and burn your ASIC miner.

  • Manufacturer: Gridseed
  • Vendors: Gridseed, AliExpress, BitcoinWare, CNbite
  • Algorithms: SCRYPT
  • Hashrate: 5.2 MH/s
  • Chip: GC3355
  • Ethernet controller: Yes
  • Power: 100 W
  • Power supply: Yes
  • Case: 93mm*115mm*303mm



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