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Gastro Advisor ICO
Ticker: FORK
ICO start: 2018-11-01 12:00:00
ICO end: 2018-12-16 12:00:00
Price: 1 ETH = 2,000 FORK
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 100,000,000 FORK
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 22,222,500 EUR
Softcap: 1,000,000 EUR
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 50%
Accepting: ETH,BTC, Fiat

GastroAdvisor is a platform for research, recommendation and booking of restaurants and clubs with an ERC20 token-based economy that connects users and restaurateurs with a p2p reward and benefit.

GastroAdvisor’s mission is to help people around the world easily find good restaurants and clubs that match their personal tastes, and in turn help restaurants find new customers and expand into the web market.

The GastroAdvisorToken (FORK) will be used as a reward for users who through booking and reviews will contribute to the growth of the community, while Big Reward will initially be given to restaurateurs who will be affiliated to GastroAdvisor, contributing with accurate information and accepting the token.



GastroAdvisor(GA) is a trademark born in 2016. The project is the creation of a platform to search, recommend and book restaurants and gastronomic venues.
For over two years we made a re search to develop a prototype and a first Alpha version of the product which can solve the problems linked to the online gastronomic sector and provide useful solutions to the users and the hospitality and gastronomic businesses.
GastroAdvisor wants to help people around the world to easily find restaurants and venues that match their personal taste, making it easier for the gastronomic businesses to find new customers and to grow in the web market. The token of GastroAdvisor (FORK) will be used as a reward for the users who, by booking and reviewing, contribute to the GA community, while some rewards will be donated to the hospitality employers who will affiliate to GA, contributing to get proper information and accepting tokens at the counter. In addition to the search browser of the gastronomic venues, the first gastronomic social network (SocialFood) will be created. This will make it possible to discover, with just a couple of clicks, news and activities of all the users of the community.
The project arose in Switzerland in collaboration with many local venues, with the goal of creating a platform that will be used all over the world. In two years of research, thanks to the help of many restaurateurs and professionals of the sector, we came to the fulfillment of the first Alpha version of GastroAdvisor will be released after the Pre-CO phase.
At the moment GastroAdvisor is talking with prestigious gastronomiccompanies to sign collaboration agreements. The Alpha version of GastroAdvisor that will be released after the Pre-ICO phase.


Q3 – Q4 2016: Concept, prototype and trademark registration.
Q3-Q4 2017: The implementation of smart contracts with solidity.
Q2 2018: Announcement ICO.
Q3 2018: Pre ICO start.
Q4 2018: Alpha version of the platform. Ability to create and manage a restaurant. Ability to create a user account and search restaurants.
Q4 2018: ICO, Token distribution.
Q1 2019: Launch token in exchange.Booking online. Wallet creation and management.
Q2 2019: Beta version of the platform. Ability to pay with FORK. Review system with certified review on blockchain.
Q3 2019: Social food. Beta iOS and Android App.
Q4 2019: Integrated exchange.
Q1- Q2 2020: Platform and App enhancement with ADS, menu management and more. Store and marketplace for off-chain GA services (payable with FORK).
Q3 2020: Final GastroAdvisor platform and App release.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Rosso Samuele CEO Rosso Samuele photo 3.4
Galli Massimo Digital Gastronomic Expert Galli Massimo photo 3.4
Ricciardo Andrea CTO Ricciardo Andrea photo 3.4
Zielazinski Claudio Partnership Relations Zielazinski Claudio photo 3.4
Nicastri Fabio Business Innovator – Human Resource Nicastri Fabio photo 3.4
Meo Alessandro Project Manager Meo Alessandro photo 3.4
Accenti Emanuele CFO Accenti Emanuele photo 3.4
Vittorio Minacori Smart Contracts Developer – Blockchain Expert Vittorio Minacori photo 6.4
Donati Andrea Social Media Creator and Writer Donati Andrea photo 3.4
Porcarelli Fabio Community Manager Porcarelli Fabio photo 3.4
Silvestri Jacopo Graphic designer Silvestri Jacopo photo 3.4
Dezi Alessio Lead Platform Develope Dezi Alessio photo 3.4
Scoleri Luca Creative Head Scoleri Luca photo 3.4
Matteo Bellini Social Gastronomic Expert and Restaurants Critic Matteo Bellini photo 3.4
Zora Zlot Translator-Interpreter Zora Zlot photo 3.4
Formichella Agostino Advisor Advisors Formichella Agostino photo 3.4
Falleri Mirko Advisor Advisors Falleri Mirko photo 3.4
Crotta Marco Advisor Advisors Crotta Marco photo 3.4

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