GectaCoin is a digital coin based on its own blockchain. It is developed by the company Central Marketing Ltd, in conjunction with innovative marketing platform Synterium.



Central Marketing Ltd offers a truly revolutionary approach in the field of information technology that meets all the latest trends in the e-currency market.

The goal set by the developers of The GectaCoin project is to create high-performance and powerful computing clusters. They are often used in various scientific studies. The system will include a set of tools and methods for processing large volumes of both structured and unstructured data. The use of blockchain technology will allow to expand the range of results. The coin team also launched a unique mining pool Gecta Computing Pool, which is based on the principles of self-learning.

The service uses a unique type of blockchain, far superior to traditional varieties. It allows users to store multi-type data and break physical blockchains into several logical fragments. The most relevant example of such architecture is its internal cryptocurrency GectaCoin. After the successful launch of the peripheral infrastructure, Central Marketing Ltd intends to implement it in a variety of areas of modern life.


The main task of miners is to process information blocks transferred to the electronic form of DNA sites. The idea of this is not new. Back in 2012, Google created a database for digitized genes. The DNA site takes more than 150 gigabytes, even such a simple operation, as a comparison with thousands of other digitized genes, takes a huge productive capacity. Now, when the technology of blockchain and cloud computing appeared, carrying out these operations in the traditional way has become simply expensive, time-consuming and not rational.

The decentralized server architecture allows users to create an actual task, and then divide its execution between several nodes. The same, after the necessary operations, send the result back. At the output – the minimum power consumption and maximum speed of processing of large blocks of information.


Gecta Computing Pool is a fully automated system of distributed hardware resources, which is based on the principles of logical mechanisms, decision-making in combination with functional algorithms of pseudo-artificial intelligence.

Despite the fact that the main goal of Central Marketing Ltd is to develop and promote its own cryptocurrency, the Gecta Computing Pool platform is also compatible with other blockchains that use similar algorithms for calculating hash functions. This allows users to produce not only internal tokens on the pool, but also the top altcoins available on the digital market today. Income from the sale of electronic money on the basis of other chains of blocks will be aimed at ensuring the stable operation of the GectaCoin.

Digital currency mining is performed at the hardware level. Currently, the pool supports 3 types of such devices: GM-10K, GM-20K, GM-40K. The equipment is compatible with conventional personal computers, which allows almost anyone to participate in the processing of blocks of the new chain and get GectaCoin tokens.

The pool algorithms evenly distribute the operations of computing the blockchain hash function among the participants connected to it. For each block generated, the service pays a certain reward to all owners of specialized mining devices.

Instructions for joining Gecta Computing Pool

In order to become a member of the network, users need to do a number of simple manipulations:

  1. First of all, get a unique referral code from a representative of the service in the region.
  2. Next, register on Synterium’s official website using the code mentioned above.
  3. Having access to the BackOffice, go to the link in the online store GygNet.
  4. Select the desired type of device (the potential profitability of mining depends on the power of the device) and place an order for its purchase.
  5. Make the payment via any convenient payment system.
  6. Once the device is delivered, visit the GectaCoin website. Download the software (it is absolutely free).
  7. Unzip the archive and open the program on a personal computer. After starting, click the “Search device” button.
  8. When the new hardware is found, users must open the properties and copy its serial key.
  9. Log in to the Synterium account and activate the software package according to the type of device used. Then insert the serial code into the device activation code field.
  10. Get the serial key confirmation.
  11. As soon as the software check is finished, the network participant’s software package will be activated. All types of user’s income are displayed in the Synterium account.

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