Global Property Register

Global Property RegisterWhere Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Meet. Global Property Register – the world’s FIRST and ONLY universal real estate register! Short for GPR, Global Property Register is the first of its kind – a global register and property exchange covering both developed and developing countries alike. GPR delivers proof of ownership for the estimated 4.5 billion people globally who are not covered (around $20-trillion in value), reconnecting them to the real estate and financial markets. Additional analytical solutions and tools, powered by artificial intelligence, empower property owners to make smarter decisions. Our vision is to educate the global population through a new kind of social network, available to (and accessible by) all. Join us as we fight for financial inclusion worldwide.


Project Summary

Global Property Register is a decentralised ecosystem that provides the world with the FIRST global blockchain register.

We leverage blockchain technology to make registering properties easier for mankind especially in the developing world.

Global Property Register (GPR) is the FIRST universal real estate register that will be worldwide in nature, covering both developed and developing countries. It will provide proof of ownership for the over 4.5bn people ($20trn value) around the world who are currently are not covered and hence cut off from the real estate and financial markets. Secondly, it will in addition provide a global property exchange. Global Property Register will serve as an international digital real estate marketplace to all market participants. Thirdly, analytical solutions and tools powered by Artificial intelligence will be provided to property owners enabling them make wise decisions and projection.

The Problems which are facing the most land and property is not registered. The World Bank says that only 30% of land rights are registered or recorded worldwide – and this needs to change. Most countries do not have a central property register.current Land and Property registers are open to abuse. These are held in databases or paper forms that are open to abuse and alteration by corrupt officials. These officials often alter the records in return for bribes or favours.The records are not safe from theft or natural disasters like floods, fires and hurricanes. The Registers are fragmented and not all inclusive. In the United Kingdom for example each Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland all have separate registers. More importantly not all properties are on the register. In England only property above £45,000 is required to be registered meaning hundreds of thousands of properties are excluded.

The Solutions which Global Property Register are building a register for those countries of the world which do not have one. Global Property register on the blockchain will provide for over 4.5bn people a state-of-the art property register. Because it is decentralised and on the blockchain, it is secure and not open to abuse or manipulation by any one party. It is an immutable record with a full transaction history. Records are safe and secure from natural disasters like floods, hurricanes and fires. The Global Property Register is universal and all-inclusive. All types of property irrespective of value will be included.

ICO Details

  • Token: XRX
  • Type: Utility
  • Price: 0.005 USD
  • Method of payment: ETH
  • Soft Cap: 2,500,000 USD
  • Hard Cap: 25,000,000 USD
  • Start: 2019-06-01
  • End: 2019-12-01
  • Country: UK

Team and founders

  • Greg Pwol – CEO and CTO
  • Victor Mbotor Elemi – CMO
  • Choji Tosanwumi Pwol – CDO
  • Li Yang – Advisor

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