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Hive is a lightweight “thin client” Bitcoin wallet for Mac OS X, iOS, Android and Web. It is primarily based on bitcoinj focusing on ease-of-use. The wallet is currently officially unsupported.


Main information

  • Country: China
  • Headquarter: Hong Kong
  • Type: Wallet
  • Round: Seed
  • Cost: $0.19 million
  • Date: 26-Mar-201
  • Investors: Roger Ver, Seedcoin


Hive Bitcoin Wallet at North American Bitcoin Conference

Hive was a multi-currency online wallet that supports Bitcoin and Litecoin. With the help of key phrases it is possible to access the wallet from any browser, including mobile, as well as through IOS and Android apps. This phrase is in fact the key to the wallet, so users need to ensure the safety of its storage. Have for Mac supports the IP Protocol 70 is used in this payment gateways like Coinbase and Bitpay, as well as most sellers accepting Bitcoin.

The service workew on the basis of open-source code, so there is a hope that some developers will be interested in maintaining the health of the wallet, and Hive will continue to exist. Currently, Hive is looking for a new version of the wallet operator for iOS, because this application does not work on some mobile devices.


  • An attractive, people-oriented interface.
  • Free and open – source.
  • An integrated application platform.[1]
  • An SPV backend for fast startup.
  • Tor support for enhanced anonymity.
  • Support for many languages.[2]
  • Automatic updates
  • Payment Protocol support
  • Waggle feature based on geolocation service
  • Multi-token support

Other features for the different platforms currently in development can be found in the GitHub wiki account. [3]


Hive alpha version for Mac OS X was released on September 28, 2013 and promoted with a booth at the European Bitcoin convention. Months after, Hive has acquired Bridgewalker, “a Euro-based platform for Bitcoin designed with speed in mind”.

By February 3, 2014, the Mac OS X wallet has come out of beta testing and was available to public through download on its website. [4] After a few months, Hive Android was launched for Beta testing. [5] Hive Web was officially launched during the Inside Bitcoins Conference HK last June 24-25, 2014. Hive universal iOS wallet was also recently launched last August 13 and is available in the App store.

On September 20, 2015, it was announced by Hive Wallet Founder, Wendell Davis, that the wallet is officially unsupported and he recommends to use something else, until new maintainers are found. He claims that the wallet actually does work fine and the servers will kept online for anyone who needs them.[6]

Hive Wallet Founder, Wendell Davis: “We’re out of operating capital and have been for quite a while, so no one has really been working on Hive for over a year. By that measure, Hive certainly failed as a company, though there is a glimmer of hope.” Davis added that he’s sorry he didn’t inform people earlier. The first issue brought to the public via r/bitcoin forums was by a user having trouble logging in to his wallet. The user then went to Hives webpage, which he describes as acting somewhat quirky, but still operating as Hives servers are still live.

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