Honeybox a smart hardware unit that connects directly to internet router with the intention of intercepting unwanted data, requests, and scripts from entering the internet connection on a particular device. When blocking system is implemented at the highest level the page load speed increases rapidly while making the detection of the device impossible, thus it cannot be stopped, blocked or bypassed. It acts as a complete authentication system for one’s internet life in which all data transferred through the device must be authenticated and approved.



Honeybox’s aims to be the platform that would interconnect all devices utilizing internets such as a computer, mobile, IoT devices and televisions; to provide complete security over one’s internet connection. It will allow controlled access through an internet connection and also manage finances, purchases, bills, rewards and online services. With Blockchain at its core and specifically through the use of the Byzantine FAult Tolerance Algorithm it will verify and validate the security of data coming in and an out of one’s internet connection and create a more secure methodology for online payments and transactions. Stellar is specifically utilized for its lightning fast consensus, ledger writes and transactions. Through the utilization of consensus algorithm, Honeybox is able to quickly verify the security of SSL certificates and detect potential Spoofing Phishing attacks without hampering the internet speed or user experience. The Stellar blockchain protocol’s transaction and operational costs are $0.01 USD for every 100,000 transactions. A single transaction has a cost of $0.0000001 USD.

The project is created to end internet third party snooping and bandwidth clogging at the highest level. This is achieved through four separate methodologies.Two of which is implemented to protect user from incoming or internal malicious requests while the other two protects user and its data as it passes out into the world-wide-web.

It is preloaded with a standard list of known unwanted or untrusted third parties and it is regularly updated by the team. The user is allowed to remove the standard list or add to it through their private dashboard. The user can choose to disallow access through ways such as wildcard domains, specific URL’s, regex and IP addresses.

HNY Tokens

Honeybox tokens are called HONEY and are abbreviated as HNY, it is a tradable cryptocurrency that allows both the web user and the service to transact with one another through Honeybox. HNY tokens are not supposed to be linked or associated with real assets and also do not grant holders of these tokens the ownership of any share of the company or any dividends unless otherwise stated or contractually agreed upon.

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