HOQU is a decentralized affiliate platform.



With the use of smart contracts, HOQU makes the interaction of advertisers and partners as honest as possible. HOQU will also provide significant cost savings. In the traditional scheme of interaction money is spent on:

  • payment for banking services;
  • payment of CPA networks and advertising agencies;
  • the cost of the ad sites/services.

In total, these costs may even exceed 50% of the total advertising budget. When using HOQU platform, the costs are reduced to about 4% of the advertising budget, while the efficiency is increased significantly.

Another important advantage is that users will not have to pay for the use of the platform. The competitors monthly fee starts from $200-300.

HOQU is developed on the basis of the existing Marketcall project (it has an excellent customer base — more than 200 companies and over 100,000 partners). In the future, users of the platform will be able to use this platform to conduct ICO. This will allow them to reach hard cap (if the project is interesting) in just a few hours.


The authors of HOQU managed to gather a good team, each of its members is not new to IT, business, investment, the founders behind the successful experience in the field of marketing in general and Internet advertising in particular. The founders include:

  • Alexei Shmonov – was behind the creation of Marketcall, the company Move.ru, worked in a senior position in TurkPay;
  • Alexander Duzhnikov – graduated from MSTU, his career includes the creation of Move.ru, Marketcall, a number of other successful Internet projects;
  • Maxim Anikeev – studied in Moscow State Technical University, has created the “East lines”, Promopage, the agency engaged in Spanish real estate and a lot of successful Internet projects.

HQX token

300854400 HQX tokens were released. They are distributed as follows:

  • 65% — sold within ICO;
  • 30% — remained in the ownership of the team. This part of the tokens is frozen for six months in order to prevent the release of many tokens to the market and the collapse of the course;
  • 4% — went to the bounty program, project advisory;
  • 1% — operating expenses.

The developers offered a good bounty program. It was allocated 2% of the total amount of tokens. Users can get HQX tokens for translating materials into other languages, posting articles, publishing videos, etc.

The main phase of the ICO was launched on November 27, 2017, it should have been completed on February 26, 2018, but as of today the level of hard cap has been reached. So at the moment there is no possibility to buy tokens, the HOQU cryptocurrency has not yet been released on the exchanges, and mining in the usual sense of the word is impossible.

HQX tokens will be used for payments between users of the platform. They will be able to pay for the services of advertisers affiliate networks. In addition, HQX tokens can be considered as an investment option or used as a usual payment instrument after entering the exchanges.

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