HYDROSTANDART – AI & blockchain platform to manage energy behaviour models.



Our civilization is now on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution, which will be characterized by a combination of technologies that erases the boundaries between the physical, digital and biological spheres. With the change of the economy’s format, the financial system’s format will definitely change too.

The next stage in the human civilization’s development will be the construction of a global digital economy that will not be able to function normally on the paper or electronic money that exist today. It will need a new type of digital money, based on a universal standard of valuation and calculation that can generate a non-political value’s measure of everything.

Core idea: to introduce a new universal digital currency, both for internal and external financial calculations, and for direct interaction of digital and tangible assets.

The main difference between the proposed currency from the existing, or ever existed – strict compliance with the physical quantity in the form of a certain amount of energy. The monetary unit on the basis of “Hydrogen money standard” will unite in itself two properties: energy as a physical quantity and a tool for providing, and money in the form of an information carrier. Due to what it will become an universal instrument of trade turnover.

Such a monetary unit has the ability to be compared with the benchmark at any point of calculation, which will contribute to the sustainability and stability of the economic and financial systems, as well as provide reliable protection against risks, abuse, speculation and inflation. The cost of any product will acquire a reference price in the form of its own energy content and energy consumption for its production.

The hydrogen is ideally suitable for this role, it has the highest energy content per unit weight of 120.7 gigajoule/ton. Low molecular weight and high specific energy content of hydrogen have in this case a paramount importance.

Due to these properties, hydrogen is an ideal mean of energy storage, transportation and transmission.

HRS token

The goal: 1HRS = 60 USD Primitive man needed 100 Watts of energy to maintain life every day, and modern man needs a total amount of energy at a current cost of 60$: for housing, food, transport, communication, entertainment. The rate of 1 HRS = 60 USD reflects a value of the basic energy resource necessary to maintain a prosperous standard of living in the modern social system during the day.

Investment info

  • Accepting BTC, ETH
  • Distributed in ICO 86,975%
  • Soft cap 1 USD
  • Hard cap 10.000.000 USD

Token info

  • Token HRS
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Price in ICO 1 HRS = 0.5 USD

Team and founders

  1. Yaroslav Anishchenko (Chief Executive Officer)
  2. Artem Oborotnev (Developer)
  3. Denis Perepelitsyn (Senior developer)
  4. Ekaterina Malkova (Head of SMM)
  5. Alexander Vilganov (Account manager)
  6. Alena Narinyani (Marketing Officer)