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Ice Rock Mining (RM) is a cloud mining farm in Kazakhstan. The uniqueness of our mine is that the natural gift of the mountain will help us solve a number of mining problems, such as cooling, power consumption and construction of capital facilities. Ice Rock Mining ICO started on 2017-09-25.


Ice Rock Mining Review

Ice Rock Mining ICO

Ice Rock Mining (RM) project is carried out by Woodland Networks L.P, Northern Ireland providing crypto mining services in its crypto mining farm facility located in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Key project principle lie in the fact that the mining farm is located in a former secret bunker built by USSR in the case of war. During fifties USSR built huge mountain storehouses (bunkers) for the case of war. Such storehouses are situated inside the mountain where caves were cut and solved all technical details. Such technology allowed to use these caves for variety of purposes.

The team decided to use soviet technologies and integrate them with cryptocurrency mining as there are unique technical parameters in the cave (which we’ve obtained into our company ownership in 2017) suitable for establishment of world’s first mining pit. The cave was chosen because of its local placement in a countryside, next to water-reservoir (with a hydro-electric power station nearby) and also because of unique natural characteristics of the mountain.

There is a constant temperature of 12 degrees on Celsius (53.6 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout the whole year inside the cave. It makes crypto mining in such mountain very effective as there is no necessity of active GPU and ASICS’ cooling and construction of accompanying heavy fabrications. Due to location of the mountain in the countryside, their company has an agricultural subsidy for electricity which provides us an opportunity to receive one of the best electricity prices in the world.

All of these abovementioned factors reduce the capital costs for cryptocurrency mining by 25 %, which makes Ice Rock Mining more efficient and economical.


  • No cooling costs. The cost of electricity is $0.03;
  • There are no costs for the construction of hangars and premises;
  • No rental. Ice Rock Mining serves all equipment ourselves;
  • Ice Rock Mining mines ETH, BTC, LTC, Dash.

Ice Rock Mining ICO

IRM is one of the few companies going to ICO in September 2017 showing its consistency as a start-up, and already operating business. They are the only mining company that actually works and profits the holders of their tokens, on an ongoing basis. Now IRM opens the sale of tokens to the second stage of the ICO, to increase the farm’s capacity and its expansion.

ROCK2 Token

ROCK2 is an Ethereum based token. It meets and enhances ERC20 standard – which represents actually a real standard and a widely used interface in application token programming.

The ROCK2 smart contract assures:

  1. Transparency
    1. Balance. Information about the number of tokens in possession is public.
    2. Transfer. All information about the transfer is public and can be tracked dynamically in time.
  2. Ownership
    1. Amount. Only Ethereum owners and contracts may be token holders.
    2. Uniqueness. Each token belongs to only one user-owner. There is no joint ownership of the tokens. The right to transfer. A token can be transferred to another user only through the direct command of its owner or the command of its recipient with the direct permission of the owner. The transfer of tokens cannot be authorized by another user
  3. Token release restrictions. Release exclusiveness. Only one user, the owner of the contract, can release tokens.
  4. Contract management. Replacement. The owner of the contract may renounce his owner’s rights in favor of any other Ethereum user or contract. Blockade. At any time the contract owner can stop or resume the transfer of tokens between the token holders.
  5. Other provisions. Reset to the initial state. Any command related to the contract that causes an error does not change the balance of the tokens or the Ethereum of the user except for the gas that was used to conduct the transaction. Limits. The maximum allowed amount of tokens in circulation can be set and used.

ROCK2 Tokens Price Prediction

The price of purchased ROCK2 tokens can vary significantly for various reasons. IRM does not guarantee any specific price of Rock2 tokens at any period of time. Rock2 does not take any responsibility for any changes in the price of the Rock2 token.

Assumptions in connection with the above include, among other things, views on future economic, competitive and market conditions and business decisions, most of which are not subject to control by the IRM project team and therefore difficult to accurately predict[1].

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