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iCoin International
Ticker: ICOIN
ICO start: 2019-08-05
ICO end: 2019-10-01
Price: 1 ICOIN = 1 USD
Tokentype: ERC-20
Hardcap: 3 500 000 USD
Softcap: 10 000 000 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: BTC, ETH, USD

iCoin International – iCoin is tokenizing the world’s most precious commodities – diamonds, an enduring symbol of love, commitment and romance, as well as a very good industrial element. The symbolic meaning is well connected to its historic commemoration of everlasting love, the stone’s name being derived from the Greek word adamas, which translates to “unconquerable”.



Diamonds are an enduring symbol of love, commitment and romance, being more than just aesthetically beautiful. The symbolic meaning is well connected to its historic commemoration of everlasting love, the stone’s name being derived from the Greek word adamas, which translates to “unconquerable”.

Diamonds were first found in the Indian Archipelago about 2500 years ago, although they were formed 900 million years ago. Diamonds were valued at the beginning because of their practical use like having the ability to refract light as well as for their strength with usage in metal engraving and as cutting tools. Eventually, they served as talismans to ward off evil and were believed to provide protection in battle, cure illness and heal wounds. The Silk Road was the first trade route for these early stones.


Diamonds in Sierra LeoneThere is an opportunity in Freetown, Sierra Leone to open and operate an innovative successful mining company which has discovered a great and proven catchment area for diamonds.

Currently, the mining business in Sierra Leone includes about 2,500 small operations. Unlike oil, iron ore and even gold, diamonds are so easy to transport that if regulations are too onerous and taxes too high, miners and exporters will simply turn to smuggling. In 2018, Sierra Leone officially exported over $150 million worth of diamonds, government records show. That is a significant growth in the past 20 years, before stringent new rules known as the Kimberly Process required diamond deals to be certified by the authorities. Before that, most diamonds were smuggled out of the country through Liberia and Guinea and sold for weapons.

We are planning to have an organized operation with real time monitoring and auditing, led by a very talented management team with decades of experience in the field.

About Millenium Mining Corporation

Millennium Mining Corp. is set up as a Corporation in Sierra Leone. The ownership is held by the members of the IEO team.

Dovid Hauck has been President, Chief Executive Officer and a director of MMC since its incorporation. He was also Chief Executive Officer of M & S Ventures Limited, a Sierra Leone corporation involved in mining diamonds, gold and other precious stones and metals in Sierra Leone. M & S Ventures Limited transferred its government issued mining license to Millennium Mining Corp. Mr. Hauck was a salesperson and manager of Forest Diamonds, a diamond wholesaler.

Shlomo Bleier has served as a director of MMC since its inception. Mr. Bleier, a native of Hungary, has been in the diamond industry for over 30 years and has been involved in mining operations in Brazil and Sierra Leone for the past 10 years. From 1988 to 2002, he worked for Simcha Diamond Ltd. in Brazil, and from 2000 to 2004 he was a partner in S & T Mining Group, a Sierra Leone mining operation where he served as head administrator of operations, prospecting, surveying and mining. From 2004 to 2007, Mr. Bleier was a consultant to M & S Ventures Ltd., a company involved in mining in Sierra Leone.

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Country of origin Sierra Leone
Team Joseph Goldblatt, David Hauck, Solomon Bleier, Sherman Cheung, Anders Johnsson (Advisor), Sam Levin (Advisor), Tudor Vesa (Advisor)
Website https://icoin.ws/
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