IdealCoin is a cryptocurrency that, unlike the rest of the ecosystem, is supported by the information generated within the PayMHO platform. Each digital asset is created through the PoC (Proof of Craft) process. This validation within Blockchain ensures that all the IdealCoin have been created in Deanchain’s distributed and decentralized platform.

In addition to this process of generation, this cryptocurrency will be the only one accepted by PayMHO as a method of payment for the services it provides. These services include market studies, trends, focus groups and everything related to data science and the information it generates. It will be available in the cryptocurrency markets, quoted and valued according to the growth and PoC of the PayMHO community.

PayMHO. A social platform that gives you the opportunity to create your own PPSS (Personal Profile Self Storage). A tool that enables you to recoup the value of your information, information which is clearer, more correct and useful than ever. A platform that will enable you to get to know yourself better, help you during a variety of life processes, and bring you plenty of short, medium and long-term benefits. It will generate constant income for you – daily if you wish – and a lifetime of royalties earned, for as long as you stay with us. Total control and absolute confidentiality. This information will remain encrypted and protected by our Blockchain. And it will continue to generate value and rewards for you as you develop your profile.

Talents The house token, produced in Deanchain only. It’s exclusive to the PayMHO platform and can be bought or sold in the internal exchange. It can be changed into fiat money or IdealCoin.

This token can only be generated with proof of profile development. The token is validated with mines distributed and controlled by Deanchain.

The PPSS – your personal self-storage profile in Deanchain – is the digital Wallet where all your information is saved. The vast quantity of data we currently have without processing capability will be available completely confidentially. If you were to decide to do so, you could leave the platform and take all this information away with you.

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