In Person Traders

This page is a map of people trading bitcoins in person in the real world. (Person to Person transactions) These are usually done using cash. If you have no bitcoins and are new to this, the trader is likely able to help you with the transaction and setting up a wallet.

Feel free to add yourself to the map by editing this page, and include some form of contact information. Also, you can include the calculation for your buy/sell prices and how much you are willing to buy/sell.

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<display_points height=700 > 52.39073, 13.06609|AnCapitol| I sell BTC from 1-200 EUR and buy from 1-100 EUR in Person. Contact me at [email protected] , via IRC or [email protected] I will only conduct business with people who will provide a PGP-Key for communication. I’ll help you, if you don’t have one. Check out and for my prices! Always remember: Cash rules the Spot! 😉 Ich verkaufe BTC von 1-200 EUR und kaufe von 1-100 EUR. Kontaktiert mich via [email protected], IRC-Chat oder per Jabber [email protected] Meine Preise findet ihr auf und . Nicht vergessen: Nur Bares ist Wahres ;)|File:Red_marker.png 53.52505, -113.52068|Andrew| I sell at the up-to-the-minute Mt Gox Ask Price + 1% fee for Mt Gox code or 2% for plain bitcoin. My gmail account is onelineproof |File:Blue_marker.png 33.018308, -96.79498|Ataranlen| Contact via [email protected] or on the FreeNode IRC in #bitcoin-otc. I generally have a decent supply of Bitcoins. You can also buy any of my items listed on the forums and do local pickup. |File:Red_marker.png 19.50050, -99.13088|BitcoinMX| Contact via |File:Red_marker.png 52.348868, 4.904366|AMS-BTC| contact via [email protected]|File:Red_marker.png 55.660314, 12.490704|Bitcoin Nordic| See more at|File:Red_marker.png 52.519171, 13.4060912|| We always buy and sell BTC. See for details|File:Red_marker.png 48.19404,16.36922|darsie|Mt.Gox prices; fee = 1 EUR + 4% to 0.25% depending on value (the formula for the fee in EUR is 1+x*(0.005+0.04/(ln(x/1000+2.8)**2.5)) :-), where x is in EUR). Will trade up to a few thousand EUR. Large deals will take some preparation time. irc://[email protected], [email protected], skype://darsie42, 1040 Wien|File:Red_marker.png 59.33345,17.97604|DeaDTerra| I buy and sell Bitcoins for SEK, contact me at [email protected]|File:Red_marker.png 28.54035, -82.40398|Luke-Jr| I can be reached on FreeNode IRC. 28.52285, -82.30343|Luke-Jr| I can be reached on FreeNode IRC. 40.735064, -73.572028|LI BTC| NYC, Nassau & Suffolk – email: libtc at hush_com |File:Red_marker.png 52.23989, 6.852379|Mqrius| Contact me at [email protected] for rates and arranging things. My feedback can be found here: |File:Red_marker.png 45.434033,28.054722|enkumber| Vand/Cumpar/Schimb Bitcoin cu cash, paypal, libertyreserve sau webmoney. 0722431554 sau yahoo messenger: enkumber203 |File:Red_marker.png 44.43553, 26.10255|ovidiusoft| Buying and selling in RON, EUR and USD. Contact by email – [email protected] |File:Red_marker.png 45.444785, -122.831282|Robert Kohr| email my gmail account – robkohr. I will sell at mtgox*1.15 and buy at mtgox*1.0 |File:Red_marker.png 45.5366557, -122.9570263|Robert Kohr| email my gmail account – robkohr. I will sell at mtgox*1.15 and buy at mtgox*1.0 |File:Red_marker.png -16.681952,-49.260764| rudrigorc2| I’m on a trip till June. Contact via rudrigorc2 – forum or #bitcoin-bra@FreenodeIRC|File:red_marker.png -13.525, -71.9722222| neofutur| cusco, peru, contact me on irc: 48.689866,6.17463|sgnb|I can be reached on FreeNode IRC. 50.87783,4.704012|Bitcoinleuven| Contact me at [email protected] for details and we’ll arrange a meeting. I buy and sell bitcoins in exchange for cash. If you’re new to Bitcoin, just buy me a drink and I’ll explain everything you’d like to know about this amazing cybercurrency :-)|File:Red_marker.png 40.41794,-3.703401|vescudero|I am a reputable professional Bitcoin trader that buy and sell Bitcoins providing liquidity to the market for a small fee. I accept cash, bank transfers and other options. Email me at: [email protected]|File:Red_marker.png 32.962960014697074, -96.82592689990997|Cpt. Charisma|Buying BTC at 7 Day Average price – No Fee – E-Mail: [email protected] </display_points>

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