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Inbot InToken ICO Review
Inbot InToken ICO
Ticker: InToken
ICO start: 2018-07-04 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-07-20 00:00:00
Price: 1 InToken = 0.01 EUR
Tokens: 5,800,000,000 InToken
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 38,000,000 EUR
Softcap: 3,000,000 EUR
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 45%
Accepting: ETH

InToken is a cryptocurrency for business referrals and introductions. Inbot Ambassador is a global community of over 46,000 ambassadors in 161 countries. Their members help companies get introduced to customers worldwide.

Their People Graph AThey finds the person who can best introduce you to the customer. The graph currently covers over 7 million people. They piloted the community during 2017 with fiat currencies, growing our revenue to 6 figures, and proved our model.

Businesses purchase InTokens, which are ERC-20 tokens, to offer them as rewards to the community members for their referrals and introductions. Their community members can also earn long term income by helping companies that participate our InShare program. InShares pay InTokens as dividends on monthly basis.



Better rewards with InTokens.
InToken is a cryptocurrency for business referrals and intros. Businesses purchase InTokens to reward you for your help. Tokens make these rewards easy for everyone. You don’t have to think about contracts, wire transfers, or if you trust the vendor. Inbot Ambassador platform takes care of it all.
Once you have earned InTokens, you can keep them, sell them for cash, or move them to exchanges for trading. Ambassador Wallet is the place where you can browse new opportunities, and see how they contribute to your earnings.
 Earn dividends from InShares.
If you make intros to companies in our InShare program, you will earn InShares. They make you a shareholder in the success of the platform. InShares pay token dividends for years to come, so they are a source of long term income. InShares pay guaranteed InToken dividends during the first years of the platform. InShares also pay dividends from the running business. As the platform grows, so do the dividends and amount of people who are receiving dividends.
 InScore rewards you for trust.
InScore is your private dividend multiplier that increases every time that you make a successful introduction, or when one of your referred friends makes their first introduction. The referral reward payouts and InShare dividends increase when your InScore increases. InScore can also decrease, when a vendor being introduced reports the intro as a spam. InScore discourages spamming and rewards trust automatically. It enables us to scale trust.


2014 – 2016: Development: People Graph AI was first drafted in 2014, and had evolved to its current form by 2016. A total of $3M in seed funding was raised for the AI development from a global network of angel investors.
2017: Business: First 10 Vendors acquired, and the business model validated. Ambassador community founded and grown to 2,500+ members by December.
Development: Ambassador Wallet beta launched. People Graph AI search engine launched with 5.7M contacts.
Q1 2018 : Business: ICO started. Hiring of COO completed. Launch Partner Program kickstarted. Community grows to 50,000+ members.
Development: Purchase InTokens from the Wallet. Enable companies to purchase InToken vouchers from the Wallet.
Q2 2018 : Business: Complete the ICO. Grow the community to 80,000+ members. First listing in crypto-exchanges. Tens of new vendors.
Development: Vendor accounts with self-service intro rewards. Intro flow process automation. Enable manual trusted contacts management from the Wallet.
Q3 2018 : Business: Add tens of new Vendors. Grow the community to 120,000+ members.
Development: Launch decentralized referral program widgets in private beta. Start development of mobile app wrappers.
Q4 2018: Business: Add tens of new Vendors. Add localizations to the Wallet and the Intro flow. Grow the community to 160,000+ members.
Development: Launch rewards and referral program widgets. Launch mobile apps.
Q1 2019
: Business: Add tens of new Vendors. Introduce InShare buyback rules and regulations. Grow the community to 200,000+ members.
Development: Automated referral suggestion delivery from People Graph AI to the Wallet.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Mikko Alasaarela CEO, Founder Mikko Alasaarela photo 3.4
Ameetess Dira COO Ameetess Dira photo 3.4
Joona Kulmala CTO, Founder Joona Kulmala photo 3.4
Miiro Seppänen Design Lead Miiro Seppänen photo 3.4
Jilles van Gurp PhD, Chief Architect Jilles van Gurp photo 3.4
Vilen Jumutc PhD, AI Architect Vilen Jumutc photo 3.4
Max Chiang Community Manager Max Chiang photo 6.8
Taru Erviö Community Managerö-5b827222/ Taru Erviö photo 3.4
Peter Koning Community Manager Peter Koning photo 3.4
Suraj Gonsalves Community Manager Suraj Gonsalves photo 3.4
Veil Anthony Community Manager Veil Anthony photo 3.4
Johnson Kachary Community Manager Johnson Kachary photo 3.4
Chou Joe Community Manager Chou Joe photo 3.4
Juuso Kauppinen Community Manager Juuso Kauppinen photo 3.4
Pooran Prasad Community Manager Pooran Prasad photo 3.4
Suresh Goudar Community Manager Suresh Goudar photo 3.4
Sebastian Näsman Community Manageräsman-80226a158/ Sebastian Näsman photo 3.4
Ilker Demirtas Bounty Manager Ilker Demirtas photo 3.4
Giuseppe Donagemma B2B Advisor Advisors Giuseppe Donagemma photo 3.4
Petter Sehlin Exchange Advisor Advisors Petter Sehlin photo 2
Henok Tekle Token Sale Advisor Advisors Henok Tekle photo 6.4
Jan Karnath Community Advisor Advisors Jan Karnath photo 3.4
Janne Salminen Business Development Advisor Advisors Janne Salminen photo 3.4
Christian Ferri ICO Advisor Advisors Christian Ferri photo 19.7

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