The InsCoin project creates an insurance platform based on blockchain, which will cope with current problems. The main task is to ensure decentralization and replace the usual policies with smart contracts. In turn, this will reduce the risks of fraud with policies to zero, reduce the commission for the service of contracts and ensure full transparency.


Traditionally, companies issue a policy to the client, which has its own unique identifier. But due to large databases and the mountains of paperwork scammers fake insurance policies and clients personal information, deceiving insurance agents. With the help of blockchain, all problems related to the authentication of the insurance contract are solved. At the conclusion of the contract between the insurance company and the client, it is numbered with a special code that displays the address of the smart contract. At any time, if users have an address, they can check the history of payments and the status of the policy. The client can easily track all payments and transactions, and the company reduces the cost of identification of the contract. Certain categories of users will be interested in the services of InsCoin. The ecosystem will be built around:

  • Clients who get full control over the policy and the ability to check the history of charges/payments without intermediaries. All data is public, immutable and uploaded to the distributed register. With the help of a special policy authenticator, the risk of being cheated is minimal.
  • Insurance giants that will reduce the amount of paper and database size thanks to smart contracts. If all insurance programs signed with the company are easy to identify, the insurance agent is harder to cheat. Similarly, the security and reliability of the whole industry is increased, as all processes become transparent and are recorded in the blockchain.
  • Brokers that will be the link between the first two categories of users. They will be the principal between the client and the company, as well as check the reports and distribute commissions.


  • Name: INSC.
  • Token: ERC20.
  • Price: 1 INSC = 0,0002 ETH.
  • ICO dates: July 23 – August 30, 2018.
  • Hard cap: 39,444 ETH.

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