Jury.Online platform
Ticker: JOT
ICO start: 2018-10-13 14:00:00
ICO end: 2018-12-14 14:00:00
Price: 1 JOT = $0.36
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 50%
Accepting: ETH,

Jury.Online is a blockchain-based platform which provides a platform for making safe investments in ICO projects. The decentralized escrow service guarantees the safety of funds while the digital mediation feature ensures a fair dipute resolution tool when needed.


In terms of ICO present-day cryptoworld gets constantly compromised by all sorts of scamming schemes. Various experts, investors and developers have been searching for a solution to this problem for several years now. Jury.Online is a platform that was originally designed as one. It was created in order to form a space for secure ICO by using a creative combination of the most advanced means of scam controlling, like smart contracts, escrow and arbitration.

The main idea of Jury.Online project is helping investors to control funds expenditure, and ICO-projects to attract investments through arbitration regulation. The platform provides an opportunity to invest in responsible ICO projects in which the release of invested money and project tokens is related to the results of each stage of project roadmap involving arbitration.

Arbiters are public people, experts in various fields, including law, fintech, IT, etc. They make a decision in a Dispute case whether to continue the work on a Project in case it is beneficial to all parties involved or to return money to Investors. This scenario allows to minimize scamming as well as it is currently possible. But there is even more to it.

Jury.Online implements a protocol to provide interaction between parties of the deal and its arbiters for blockchain transactions. The protocol is built on Ethereum platform, which allows it to be used in any transaction on this platform. It means that any company can integrate it into their own platform. If the integration is handled by Jury.Online team, then all the arbiters that are included in Jury.Online arbiters pool can interact with the parties of transaction to make reasonable decisions. Since the protocol is free and open-source, any company can integrate it without pools of arbiters as well.

Any project ready for a responsible holding ICO can use Jury.Online platform due to the fact, that it is quite flexible for each unique case. The team is well prepared to apply an individual approach to each and every client. So when a client wants to use Jury.Online protocol, they can do it the way that suits them most: ● by personal communication with project representatives and selecting a pool of arbitrators-experts that will further supervise the relationship between project and investors; ● or also the project and the investors can come to a platform together, having negotiated all conditions in advance. Then they just pass on all the concerns about the further stage-by-stage project financing to Jury.Online protocol.

In both cases, the project and the investor need to agree on a staged project development plan that is tied to specific objectives fulfilled. It indicates which task the project should perform (release an alpha version, a working code, etc.), how long it takes to complete each stage, how many tokens will be released during the stage, and how much of the total amount investment is needed to implement a specific stage.

Once the project is successfully tested, investors can begin to fund and receive tokens. The funds transferred by investor to the project, as well as project tokens are kept on smart contract, and are being released to the relevant parties at the beginning of each stage of the roadmap. In case of some sort of a dispute, Investor may apply to the arbiters.

The thing that makes Jury.online an unsuitable platform for numerous frauds is the fact that the whole system is absolutely transparent. Not only an investor receives a possibility to consistently monitor their money, but the project itself gets more and more investments due to high level of trust. The further the project goes in terms of implementation, the more investments it receives and the closer it gets to a successful realization.

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