Karnika E. Yashwant

Karnika E. Yashwant (Mr. KEY) is the ex-CTO of NewsBTC Media Group, founder and CEO of KEY Difference Media (Top 10 ICO Marketing Agencies of 2018), CIO of Utopian Capital and President of Central Blockchain Authority. KEY has been awarded as India’s Youngest CEO in 2010



/ Karnika E. Yashwant (Mr. KEY) started his journey on entrepreneurship at the age of 14 and before turning 20, he has forayed himself into various business ventures, which are only seeing the taste of success with his innovative strategies and commendable marketing ideas. Having already marked his presence felt over many businesses, he still aspires to inspire many businesses in near future. He has been involved in Blockchain and Crypto space since 2013.

ICO Marketing is his forte. As founder and CEO of KEY Difference Media, he bridges the gap between ICO founders and investors – giving them tools to acquire leads, dedicated to their cause. He enables the smooth and successful launch of ICOs so new industries generate the investments they need to succeed.

Elan, credibility and a knack of innovation pump up motivation to invest in self-selected ICOs and fledgling enterprises with strong offers and bold content. He builds up trust with multi-touch marketing and strategic branding and wins over investors with dedicated engagement and a forward-thinking voice. The ICO success of his clients attests to his surefire strategies.

ICO Marketing

Mr. Key’s passion for blockchain technology and experience with ICOs has already brought amazing results to crypto-startups across the globe, which are now flourishing due to his innovative strategies and marketing expertise.

Whether he’s working with hopeful startups looking to change the world or established companies seeking to expand their horizons, Mr. Key develops game-changing marketing strategies as the Chairman & Managing Director of KEY Difference Media.

Speaker and Life Coach

Mr. Key’s speaking skills earned him a reputation as a renowned motivational speaker. From Technology to Spirituality, Mr. Key brings a fresh, inspiring voice, with a passion for energizing young people. His life-coaching has helped people at all points of their lives. Being a man of many talents, / Karnika E. Yashwant(Mr. KEY) hasn’t left the fields of psychology, hypnosis, or writing.

Mr. Key’s unique view on life: A Single Idea, A Single Smile, A Single Decision, A Single Second, A Single Person, A Single Sight, A Single Mistake… CAN CHANGE OUR LIVES!

Role Model and Mentor

Mr. Key stands as a role model for many blooming young entrepreneurs and aspiring youth-stars of the world, with many awards and honours for his contribution to the world of industry and society at large.


  • Award Winning Speaker in 100+ Colleges and Businesses
  • Author of 6+ Best Sellers
  • Content Marketing Pioneer since 2008
  • Established ICO Marketer
  • Cryptocurrency Advocate & Blockchain Technology Enthusiast
  • Life Enthusiast, Traveler, Foodie, Fitness Freak & Extreme Sports Lover

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