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Laura Shin (1975) – American journalist and writer in the fields of economics, finance, and technology. Sheen is the editor-in-chief of Forbes in the sections on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. In 2014, she wrote ‘The Millennial Schedule: Careers and Money Secrets to succeed in today’s world’.


Early years

Laura Shin was born and raised in Ohio and attended college at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. Shin graduated with distinction and completed a degree in contemporary literature.


Shin worked as a reporter for, as a technical writer for the Wall Street Journal and as a producer at The New York Times. In, Shin wrote columns on real estate and homes in New York. Laura Shin worked for several years as a freelancer for various publications.

In 2008, Shin received a Master of Arts from the Colombian School of Journalism. Also in Colombia, Shin worked in the Earth Institute’s student council and organized a media coverage group on climate change issues, which included Bill Blakemore of ABC, John Renny of Scientific American, and Andrew Revkin of The NY Times.

Laura Shin lists Immaculate and Unconfirmed podcasts that cover how crypto assets and blockchains are changing lives and investments. In the air, Shin talks to the stars of the cryptocurrency (Vitalik Buterin, Barry Silbert and others).

In 2013, Shin became a permanent employee of Forbes and in 2017, she was appointed Editor-in-Chief. Now Shin mainly writes about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICO, token sales and blockchain technology.

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