Lidyacoin is an ERC-20 token built to support Lidya Exchange platform.


Platform developers announced the following important features and benefits of the platform:

  • zero commission. There is no need to pay fees for some transactions on different platforms. Only here you can conduct trades without commission;
  • round the clock service with customer support. There is a professional team of managers who work around the clock, and can answer any question;
  • variety of interfaces. It is planned to release two versions of the trial platform. Each client can choose which one to work with;
  • high level of data storage. All the assets that the user has are stored on special wallets with a very high level of security and reliability;
  • large number of blockchain assets. On the user page, they can place about four types of assets: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lidyacoin and Tether;
  • mobile wallet. The developers have created a very good and user-friendly interface, both for applications on web pages and for mobile phones;
  • transactions – all assets that the user has put on his wallet, can be quickly and completely securely removed at any time with a small level of commission;
  • bonuses to participants. 2 million people are participating in the pre-sale. The fee that the organization receives from its customers is distributed as 50% (among inviting people);
  • easily created account. The platform has a news block where users can always find the latest information about the world of cryptocurrency;
  • ability to create multiple wallets;
  • ability to continuously view information related to transactions.


To implement the mission, the organization offers an initial coin offering (ICO) to release LDC tokens to the public market. 200 000.000 LDC tokens are issued during the token sale. The sale takes place with an initial discount of 50%. 1 ETH = 1000 LDC.

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