Loleiu coin

LOLEIU is multidimensional. The global presence is expected to significantly rise to a completely different level through the integration of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, Bank Transfer (USD), Paypal and through Credit Cards (Visa and Master Card). 1 LOL = 0.07 USD

LOL ecosystem will empower everyone to gain world class education using blockchain technology and immense experience through unique concept. Unlike Traditional education system LOL will reduce the barriers through its Decentralized DIGITAL LEARNING MATERIALS marketplace for testing & certifications from Global European International University.

LOL’s use of blockchain based certification and referencing including introduction of FINGER PRINT DIGITAL PERSONALITY TESTING using AI & Blockchain fundamentals for storing unique characteristics of candidates will match them to recruiters & university courses & degrees.

We are redefining education with integrated Digital Learning Platform on Decentralized LOL ecosystem.

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