Lunar Launcher

The HASHRA LUNAR Miner is a unique scalable and super easy to use ASIC Scrypt mining solution. A simple scalable design, No limit to how big you can grow your Lunar Mining Program! With a unique revolutionary airflow design that pulls the airflow through entire heatsink chamber for maximum cooling effectiveness and offers higher hashing capability. The Lunar series of Miners get their power from our HASHRA APOLLO MODULES. Your Lunar Miner will come with its own unique miner testing certificate and signed off by your own personal tester. Super easy plug and play set up, get mining in minutes with our own specially designed firmware “CONTROLA” with a free Raspberry Pi. We recommend to use our firmware with the Raspberry Pi as the controller though our Lunar Miners all have a USB connection so you can also use a computer and a program such as CGMiner if you prefer. We will provide you with full support and instructions to get you going and keep you mining all the way to the Moon!

  • Manufacturer: HASHRA
  • Vendors: HASHRA
  • Algorithms: SCRYPT
  • Hashrate: 14 MH/s
  • Technology: 55nm
  • Ethernet controller: No
  • Power: 485 W
  • Power supply: No
  • Case: 480mm*185mm*150mm

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