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MaxData ICO Review
MaxData ICO
Ticker: MXD
ICO start: 2018-07-01 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-07-31 00:00:00
Price: 1 MXD = 0.1 USD
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 50,000,000 USD
Softcap: 5,000,000 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 50%
Accepting: ETH

MaxData is building a protocol to utilize anonymous user data to save billions for consumers and companies. Using the MaxData platform, consumers anonymously provide information regarding the services they are looking for, allowing service providers to see exactly what offers consumers will be interested in. Service providers can then craft a tailor-made offer to send consumers, while saving time and money on their acquisition efforts. These savings allow service providers to drastically lower consumers’ cost of living by reducing prices for services (such as insurance, communication, utilities or financial services). MaxData’s revolutionary platform effectively saves businesses and consumers billions of dollars a year.



The current economic system is broken; business models in every industry are cluttered and inefficient. Each and every transaction that occurs is exponentially overpriced – with companies having to pay exorbitant marketing fees in their attempt to target potential consumers. Giant marketing corporations mine through huge piles of user data at great expense while trying to identify potential customers.
MaxData aims to fix the system. Their blockchain platform facilitates direct connections between consumers and service providers. By allowing users to share their data with the companies, businesses can bypass the expensive middleman processes, creating a cheaper, smoother transaction.
MaxData envisions a future beneficial to both consumers and service providers. Service providers will be able to target only relevant customers and with truly attractive offers, without relying on costly marketing. Thus, consumers will also gain from cheaper prices as well as no longer being hassled by the noise of spam, messages and advertisements of the current system.


May 1 2018 : Prior to our token generation event we will launch the pre-alpha for the MaxData platform with limited access.
Consumer WebApp – Single platform webapp with emphasis on the user flow.
Service provider admin – web interface portal where offers can be uploaded to the system.
Q1 2019 : Upon reaching the soft cap.
Within 8 months following the TGE.
Consumer app – Single platform mobile app with emphasis on the user flow, partial integration on the Blockchain.
Service provider admin – web interface portal for service providers with emphasis on flow and functionality, partial integration on the Blockchain.
Q2 2019: Upon reaching the soft cap.
Within 12 months following the TGE.
Consumer app – Single platform full feature mobile app with integration on Blockchain.
Service Provider portal – Full feature service provider portal with integration on blockchain.
Q4 2019: Upon reaching the soft cap.
Within 18 months following the TGE.
Consumer app – Full feature mobile app (IOS/Android) functionality and design. Integration on blockchain and off chain storage and services.
Service provider portal – Full feature portal, functionality and design, integration on blockchain and off chain and services.
1 business domain (Selected from communication, utilities, insurance, travel, financial services).
1 geographical region.
Q1 2020: If TGE reaches $12M.
Within 22 months following the TGE.
Ranking system for users and Service Providers.
BI on data collected from the community.
2 business domains (from communication, utilities, insurance, travel, financial services).
2 geographical regions.
Q4 2020: If TGE reaches $30M.
Within 30 months following the TGE.
Open API for user to query the community data.
Additional software features.
4 business domains (from communication, utilities, insurance, travel, financial services).
4 geographical regions.
Q2 2022: If TGE reaches $50M.
Within 48 months following the TGE.
Additional software features.
Moving to a decentralized, self-maintained system that will provide a platform for the community to suggest new domains and subdomains, and use a voting and consensus algorithm to reach overall agreement of new proposals. Use the provided ranking mechanism to gain trust of service provider and users. The system will open the API for other third party users/companies to build similar clients that will provide the same functionality to the end users with a different UX flavor.
Support more geographical regions.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Assi Zichlinski Our CEO Assi Zichlinski photo 3.7
Jaron Seijffers CMO Jaron Seijffers photo 3.7
Gil Tal CFO Gil Tal photo 3.7
Shimon Ben Harosh CTO Shimon Ben Harosh photo 3.7
Sergei Kobs R&D Team Leader Sergei Kobs photo 3.7
Shlomi Zeltsinger BlockChain Developer Shlomi Zeltsinger photo 3.7
Alon Kushnir Business Development Alon Kushnir photo 3.7
Brian Pagán User Experience Lead Brian Pagán photo 3.7
Dror Markus Marketing Content Dror Markus photo 3.7
Noam Wild Community Manager Noam Wild photo 3.7
Yair Vinder User Interface Lead Yair Vinder photo 3.7
Barak Sidi Creative Design Barak Sidi photo 3.7
Kirill Golikov Business Development Kirill Golikov photo 3.7
Imri Tov Director in Bank Hapoalim, the largest bank of Israel Advisors Imri Tov photo 3.7
Dror Shaked SVP Business Development at Advisors Dror Shaked photo 3.7
Moddi Keret A Director in Bezeq, the largest telecommunication Advisors Moddi Keret photo 3.7
Hanan Gazit Gamification Specialist Advisors Hanan Gazit photo 3.7
Ofer Druker Former Founder & CEO of Matomy Media Group Advisors Ofer Druker photo 3.7
Eyal Shalev Bitcoin Private Ambassador Advisors Eyal Shalev photo 3.7
Gil Yaniv Former deputy CEO of Migdal insurance Advisors Gil Yaniv photo 3.7

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