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MDL Talent Hub ICO Review
MDL Talent Hub ICO
Ticker: MDL
ICO start: 2018-08-24 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-09-25 00:00:00
Price: 1 MDL = 0.05 USD
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 400,000,000 MDL
Tokentype: Utility
Hardcap: 15,000,000 USD
Softcap: 8,200,000 USD
Platform: Fiber
Distributed: 40%
Accepting: BTC, ETH, SKY, WAVES

Their project is to bring transparency and efficiency, two fundamental characteristics of the new era, to the talent sourcing market – dancers, actors, models, all kind of gig performers. They are aiming to consolidate supply and demand channels and offer a non-perishable reputation to every market participant. Their tools will help to overcome the majority of existing problems in the talent-booker relationship: comprehensive search for talents / gigs, reputation tracing, and convenient presentation tools for both sides.

With the project development, we are going to setup ecosystem market place for talents to exchange / sell / rent their gear & equipment as well as micro-KOL partnership programs with brands to advertise their product and services with high-reputation platform participants. Meta-data mining will be enabled via Skyledger CXO protocol. This all will be supported by MDL Token.



First of all, why do we need blockchain technology just to create a recruitment application?
They believe that current the means of booking talents are outdated logically and technologically. With help of blockchain technology (as well as other instruments and approaches) we are going to create reputational module, so that any market activity can be consolidated and traced. More than that, using MDL Token we are going to create ecosystem economy that will allow us not only to attract more participants, but also spread sources of income. This will decrease commission on transactions and hence put us ahead of our possible competitors.
Why exactly do we work with the performers sourcing market?
There are several reasons. First of all, we want to start with a niche market and we believe that the segment we have chosen requires technological facilitation most urgently – there isn’t comprehensive and global search engine for talents and talents job created yet. Their team has solid experience in this area and we not only perceive the existing problems, but we also know the way to solve them. Secondly, we believe that the market will grow constantly in the context of industrial revolution 4.0 when robots and AThey take over more and more jobs. People are creative by nature and we want to simplify monetization of their hobbies and skills with help of our solution. And last, but not the least, we think it is fun to work with talents! Performers are outstanding and their energy is vital for human development, so we want to be as closer to the source of creativity as possible!
What is our business model and how MDL token is used in the system?
1. Reputation-based partneship �programs with brands. Talents with high reputation can get a discount from our partner brands just because they have higher reputation than other. Motivation of the brands is to promote their products and serivices via local opinion leaders. All the transactions between brands and talents are done via the MDL Token.
2. Prosumer Ecosystem market place. Internal marketplace is enabled for talents to exchange, sell&buy, rent out thier gear, equipment, customes, and else. Fans that follow the rising stars can easily purchase items of adorance here as well. The system are powered by the MDL Token.


OCTOBER 2017: Launch of Website and blog,
MDL Token issue
NOVEMBER 2017: GUI prototype
MARCH 2018: ITO (Launch of the MDL Mainnet)
NOVEMBER 2018: Alpha Launch
MARCH 2019: MVP Beta launch
APRIL-JUNE 2019: Launch of Chinese version for local talents
SEPTEMBER 2019: Expansion to entire China talent market
DECEMBER 2019: Cross-border expansion to Asia
MARCH 2020: Prosumer ecosystem marketplace
APRIL 2020: Launch of Website and blog, MDL Token issue
JUNE 2020: Mining system launch
February 2019 : Livestreaming implementation
March 2019: Release on Korean and Japanese markets
April 2019: Major partnerships with brands
May 2019: Internal marketplace implementation
August 2019: Expansion to the whole Asia
December 2019: Expansion to Africa, South America, Western and Eastern Europe
May 2020: Skymining implementation
August 2020: Global expansion[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Roman Tronenko Chief Technical Officer Roman Tronenko photo 12.55
Dmitry Timokhin Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer Dmitry Timokhin photo 4.3
Dimitry Doronin Chief Executive Officer Dimitry Doronin photo 4.3
Bulat Zamilov System Administrator Bulat Zamilov photo 4.3
Nathan Horn Global Marketing Director Nathan Horn photo 4.3
Andrey Podgornykh Financial Risk Manager Andrey Podgornykh photo 4.3
Monika Rofler Business Advisor Monika Rofler photo 4.3
Jevgenij Konn Advisors Jevgenij Konn photo 4.3
Samuel Doe Mentor Advisors Samuel Doe photo 4.3
Brandon Smietana ICO Advisor Advisors Brandon Smietana photo 4.3
Daniil Morozov Advisor Advisors Daniil Morozov photo 65.6

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