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MEDIA Protocol ICO Review
MEDIA Protocol ICO
Ticker: MPT
ICO start: 2018-03-19 00:00:00
ICO end: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Tokens: 2,600,000,000 MPT
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 15,000,000 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 26%
Accepting: ETH

MEDIA Protocol is a smart contract that turns any URL into a blockchain wallet where funds can be distributed to consumers based on how they interact with the content URL.

This creates a new Audience Economy based on the value of each participant’s contribution to the success of a piece of content in their network.

Benefits to Customers • Participate in a transparent economy around the content that you interact with • Exchange your interactions for frictionless access to better content • Incentivise industry actors to create better content by giving them access to your data

Benefits to Brands • Activate the networks you care about for effective content distribution • Understand how to build more engaging content for audiences through better understanding of their interactions • Become a trusted partner in a content ecosystem, where you partner with tribes and the audiences you care about

Implementation: MEDIA Protocol will provide early adopters with the technology and support to implement projects: • Advice on best practice support • Access to the Publisher Portal for interaction with the smart contract • SDK for seamless integration across your network of sites and applications • Access to Hybrid and Tracking Servers, and Recommendation Engines to quickly create impact

See it in Action: Download CryptoCatnip from the App Store (code: cc2018) CryptoCatnip is a crypto news aggregator app using Media Protocol. It allows you to quickly browse the latest crypto news while collecting MEDIA tokens.



MEDIA Protocol disintermediates the relationship between content publishers and consumers by creating a direct economy for the exchange of content, data, and incentives, including financial incentives. MEDIA Protocol enables publishers, brands and content creators to deliver the most relevant content in pursuit of a more transparent, efficient and enjoyable online experience.
Today, content distribution is inefficient and mediated through social platforms and search engines that control large audiences. These content distribution platforms harvest huge amounts of valuable engagement and preference data from content consumers, but offer creators and publishers little in return. MEDIA Protocol enables the exchange of value between these actors for mutual benefit. The economic function of the protocol is designed to create a direct channel for publishers to promote content through balanced consumption incentives directly to consumers, for consumers to pay directly for gated content, and to spend tokens rewarding favoured content creators and publishers. The protocol is designed to support an ecosystem of localised and community-centric content distribution apps that cannot currently overcome the economies of scale perpetuated by incumbent platforms.


Q1 2017: Idea & Research.
Q4 2017: Whitepaper.
Smart Contract
Q1 2018: Business Paper.
Security & Audits.
App Launch.
ICO Private Sale.
Test Net Launch.
Q2 2018: Main Net Launch.
ICO Public Sale.
Publisher Platform.
Q3 2018: Advanced


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Thomas Graham Co-founder Thomas Graham photo 8.2
Martin Adams Co-founder Martin Adams photo 4
James Tabor CEO James Tabor photo 4
Mark White CTO Mark White photo 4
Josef Sevcik Blockchain Developer Josef Sevcik photo 6
Katya Volkova Head Data Scientistм Katya Volkova photo 4
Julia Bohutska Data Scientist Julia Bohutska photo 4
Kostas Skourtis Backend Developer Kostas Skourtis photo 4
Gillis Van Den Broeke Backend Developer Gillis Van Den Broeke photo 4
Mahmoud Hanafy Backend Developer Mahmoud Hanafy photo 4
Artur Rashitov Backend Developer Artur Rashitov photo 4
Ahmed Mahran Backend Developer Ahmed Mahran photo 4
Sandra Lagarto Product Manager Sandra Lagarto photo 4
Vianney le Masne Lead Designer Vianney le Masne photo 4
Sebastian Graham Research & Strategy Sebastian Graham photo 4
Ed Coleridge Smith Mobile Consultant Ed Coleridge Smith photo 4
Ned Scott Founder and CEO at Steemit Advisers Ned Scott photo 4
Andy Tian CEO of Gifto Advisers Andy Tian photo 17.5
Dominique Delport Global Managing Director at Havas Group Advisers Dominique Delport photo 4
Ted Wang Partner & Early Stage Investor Advisers Ted Wang photo 4
Mark Adams Vice President and Head of Innovation at Vice Advisers Mark Adams photo 4
Richard Ma CEO Quantstamp Advisers Richard Ma photo 17.26
Kate Cox CMO EMEA GoDaddy Advisers Kate Cox photo 4

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