Medooza universal wallet is one of the core platforms in the Medooza Ecosystem and it’s one of the most secure wallets there is on the market with new features added to it all the time in order to make the Best cryptocurrency wallet.


Medooza Review

Medooza Symbiotic Ecosystem Video

Medooza is the first Symbiotic Blockchain Ecosystem that is Going To Make The Blockchain World Accessible For anyone And Challenge The Way That Users, Advertisers & Organizations Interact With A Revolutionary Way for Users Engagement.

Medooza platforms enable mass adoption for the blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency usage.

Medooza is a project by a team of blockchain and web enthusiasts with the aim to make the blockchain world accessible for anyone and challenge the way that users, advertisers & organizations Interact with a revolutionary way for users engagement.

In order to achieve that, the Medooza ecosystem includes a wide range of platforms:

  • Medooza Universal Wallet platform
  • Medooza Paper Wallet Generator
  • Medooza Shortly – Crypto wallet secure platform
  • Medooza Decentralized Exchange;
  • Medooza Blockchain coins arbitrage platform;
  • Medooza Social & reward solution;
  • Medooza Blockchain News Portal;
  • Medooza Law Blockchain platform (B2B Platform).

Medooza Wallet:

  • Platforms: Web, Mobile;
  • Wallet Features: Secure, Universal, enable to buy Crypto with credit card;
  • URL:;
  • Anonymity: Low;
  • Security: Full security;
  • Coins: BTC, ETH, LTC Plus 2500 ERC tokens;
  • Ease Of Use: Very Easy.

Medooza Ecosystem

Medooza Ecosystem Review

Medooza Crypto Wallet

Medooza Universal Wallet Platform features are:

  • Fast UI/UX;
  • Import and manage any wallet address;
  • Track any wallet address online;
  • Earn Medooza Coins;
  • Both Hot and Cold Wallet;
  • All transactions in one place;
  • Send / Receive / Buy coins with credit card;
  • Personal notifications;
  • Video guides.

Medooa coin

The MEDOOZA coin is a utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain and follows the ERC20 token standard. Now you can buy with the Medooza (MDZA) coins in the marketplace goods and services.

In the near feture all the Medooza coins holders will be able to use it also in the MEDOOZA News portal, the MEDOOZA exchange and the MEDOOZA social platform.

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