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Ticker: MEFY
ICO start: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ICO end: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Price: 1 MEFY = 0.30 USD
Tokens: 175,600,000 MEFY
Tokentype: ERC-20
Hardcap: 30,000,000 USD
Softcap: 10,000,000 USD
Distributed: 87,75%
Minimum: 0.5 ETH
Accepting: BTC, ETH, XMV

Mefy works on a subscription-based model, where the user of MeThey Care subscribes for yearly subscription allowing them any number of tests throughout the year for the cost of just consumables. Through its eConsult feature it connects worldwide doctors to worldwide patients thereby resolving accessibility issues and with its MeThey Edge device, it provides authenticity to the test conducted.



MeFy is an integrated health platform that provides a platform for everyone to play its role for the betterment of society and individuals’ health. Starting from an individual to his / her friends and family, from doctors to pharmacists, hospitals to pharmaceutical companies, researchers to government institutions.
MeFy intends to build a private cloud and tightly integrate with a private blockchain to enable participation and data sharing across platform.
MeFy will use the blockchain not to just create health records and share but will also enable auto health record creation through IOT enabled MeThey Edge device. Every prescription written by the doctor using MeThey eConsult will not be stored as an image or file, but every detail entered by the doctor will contribute to user health record be it the diagnosis done by the doctor or the medication prescribed by the doctor or a lifestyle correction advised by doctor.
This will be followed with diet and lifestyle management through the MeThey Care App. The social platform will enable the individuals to share home remedies and health tips as well as allowing researchers to publish white papers and get paid for the hard work.
Retail pharmacies will be able to manage their inventory and supply chain using MeThey Smart AThey Supply Chain. Pharmaceutical companies can leverage this data to manufacture what is required by gaining access to MeFy private blockchain via smart contracts. Hospitals and clinicians outside of MeFy private cloud can gain authorised access to individual health data as per the smart contract. Researchers and  overnment institution will have aggregated data to control spread of diseases and plan future drugs.
Lastly, MeThey Edge powered by AThey will possess capabilities to generate auto prescription for off-the-self medicine by processing individuals past health data, treatments and environmental factors impacting health of individuals of the area. It will also provide the dietary recommendations based on the local environment, culture, and individuals taste and enable them to procure it easily at the best price.
MeFy or MeThey care, as the product is known in the Indian market, means system of behavior passed from one individual to another. Each They stands for “I” as an individual and as we start building the chain by coming together for the benefits of society, we step together into MeFy, which is They (I), F= for, Y= you.


OCt 2014: Idea Concluded.
Jun 2015: Product kicked off.
Oct 2015: Development Started.
Jun 2016: Company Incorporated.
Aug 2017: Team Building ans strengthening.
Mar 2018: MeMe App Pilot Launch with its first EDGE Clinic and Web App for doctors.
Q1 2018: App Functionality:
Econsult; Appointment; EDGE Reports; Health Records; Immunalization: Treatment Details; Notification.
EDGE Functionality:
Temperature; Blood Pressure; Gluco meter; Body Scale; SPO2.
Q2 2018: MeMe Pharmacy Functionality:
Account; Inventory Management; ARAP, GST; Reporing.
EDGE Functionality:
ECG, Body Position AirFlow; Spirometer; GRS; Snore EMG.
App Functionality:
Reminders; Social; Bot; Blockchain.
Q3 2018: App Functionality:
Auto Prescription; Activity; Diet; Local Remimder; Social Bot.
EDGE Functionality:
CBC; Thyroid; LFT; Cholesterol/Lipid Profile; Cardiac and Renal profile.
Q4 2018: App Functionality:
Machine learning.
MeMe Pharmacy Functionality:
Supply Chain.
EDGE Functionality:
Full blood count; Anti bodies test; Serum Electrolytes; Urine test; Widal; Hepa A; Hepa B; CT Scan.
Q1 2019: App Functionality:
Localisation Machine learning.
Q4 2019: Hospital Management.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Bashir Johansson Lead Blockchain Developer with skills in C++, Solidity, Hyperledger Bashir Johansson photo 3.4
Bala Murali Krishna Cyber Security professional Bala Murali Krishna photo 3.4
Sana Najeeb Blockchain Developer Sana Najeeb photo 3.4
Rohit Agarwal Blockchain Developer & Smart Contracts Rohit Agarwal photo 3.4
Brij Kishor Singh IOT & Blockchain Developer Brij Kishor Singh photo 3.4
Ronald Certain Cybersecurity Specialist Ronald Certain photo 3.4
Jeyson Támara Advisor Blockchain Math, Theoretical Physicist and Mathematician, Coach of World Olympics in theoretical Physics and Astrophysics, PhD Candidate Jeyson Támara photo 3.4
Sanjay Sinha Blockchain and Smart Contract Expert, Health Advisor and Researcher Sanjay Sinha photo 6.9
Kaushik Kumar Marketing & Business Development Kaushik Kumar photo 3.4
Alfred Certain Health Coach, ICO Advisor, Business Coach Alfred Certain photo 6.9
Mark Haynes ICO Advisor Mark Haynes photo 3.4
Nandan Mishra Health Advisor Nandan Mishra photo 3.4
Rajiv Ranjan Das MBBS, M.D. Medicine Advisor Rajiv Ranjan Das photo 3.4
Jay Prakash MBBS, MD-Emergency Medicine Advisor Jay Prakash photo 3.4
Ashraf Jamal MBBS, M.D. Dermatology Advisor Ashraf Jamal photo 3.4
Zahid Hussain MBBS, MS-Anatomy Advisor Zahid Hussain photo 3.4
Danish Malick MBBS, M.D. Surgery Advisor Danish Malick photo 3.4
Sakib Anwer MBBS, General Physician Advisor Sakib Anwer photo 3.4
Zafar Alam MBBS, MD-Pediatrics Advisor Zafar Alam photo 3.4

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