Membrana (MBN) enables a straight connection between an investor and a trader, making their relations profitable and secured for both sides. an investor’s funds never leave their exchange wallet, all trust management is accessed and executed with the provision of api key. every relation goes through smart contracts, eliminating middleman and counterparty risks, and making an agreement mandatory.


Inside a smart contract the project records all the details of a deal:

  • The initial amount of digital assets in an investor’s account (equal to BTC, ETH or USD);
  • Target profit for completion of the contract (based on average profitability of a trader.Upon completion, the contract will automatically terminate);
  • Duration of the contract (the contract will then automatically calculate the profit and send it to the trader);
  • Maximum loss (If a loss reaches the maximum value, the access will automatically close. The contract will then dissolves, refunding trader’s fee to the investor);
  • Authorized pairs for trading;
  • Trader’s fee and his wallet.


ICO Review

  • Token Name: MBN
  • Blockchain: Ethereum.
  • Standart: ERC20.
  • Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000

Token Price (MBN)

1 MBN = $0,02

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