An ArchLinux ARM based mining OS built for the Raspberry PI.

MinePeon is intended to be a lean purpose build mining device with emphasis on stability and performance. The intention is that it is a configure and forget device, you should be able to install it, configure it and then leave it to do it’s work forever and a day without human interaction.

What it is;-

  • Lean, anything that is not direly related to mining will probably not be included, the intention is for it to run off a 2 GB SD Card.
  • Stable, it is intended as a Embedded OS with emphasis on reliability. Its packages are fully tested and the latest stable versions.
  • Fast, If it takes a CPU cycle away from mining you probably wont find it in MinePeon. It is somewhat uncertain how many GH/s you can attach to a Raspberry PI without it dropping shares.
  • Up to Date, Latest packages and practices, a big example of this is to use systemd for init rather that SystemV.
  • Hacker Friendly, If you have more than a passing familiarity with Linux you should be able to make it do just about anything.
  • Mining Friendly, Even a newbie should be able to set it up and get it mining in 5 minutes.

What it’s not;-

  • A Desktop OS, MinePeon is not intended to be a Desktop Operating system, they are already available for the Raspberry PI http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads Raspbian “wheezy” but while they can mine, they are not optimised for it.
  • Newbie Friendly, While the Mining UI is intended for newbies the architecture underneath is not, if there is ever a choice between making the underneath friendly or perform better, performance always wins.




  • Web Interface
  • Graphs and Statistics
  • cgminer
  • BFGMiner

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