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MinerGate was founded on 24th of March, 2014. It was the first mining pool for Cryptonote based currencies. MinerGate is an open-source multi-cryptocurrency mining pool and GUI.


At the moment MinerGate supports the following currencies : Aeoncoin (AEON), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Bytecoin (BCN), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Fantomcoin (FCN), Litecoin (LTC), Monero (XMR), Monero Classic (XMC) and Zcash (ZEC).[1]

MinerGate supports both PPS and PPLNS payment methods.

MinerGate Review

MinerGate is the largest mining service, that includes a comprehensive functionality for earning cryptocurrency using both computer and professional mining rigs. This is an international mining pool, which is aimed at users from different countries. The platform supports the following languages: English, Chinese, Russian, Czech, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, German, French and others.

MinerGate supports all popular operating systems. Official website contains all the distributives for Windows, Mac (OS X) and Linux.

On the official website there is a special MinerGate calculator to count the amount of cryptocurrency user can earn with the MinerGate pool and his software.

MinerGate mining

How To Use Minergate

MinerGate has two types of mining software: GUI and console, available on Windows (32 and 64-bit), MacOS and Ubuntu.[2]


  • Blockchain explorer enables users to see confirmed and unconfirmed transactions in realtime
  • Charts (block reward, coins in circulation, difficulty and network hashrate)
  • New version of xFast mining client
  • Mining profitability calculator (calculates hourly, daily or weekly profit for Bitcoin, Litecoin and CryptoNote-based currencies)
  • Pool statistics (pool hashrate, world hashrate and reward methods)
  • Smart mining (the smart algorithm checks the most profitable currency to mine, and automatically switches between currencies to provide maximized profit. Smart mining can be turned on/off at any time.)
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • 24/7 support

GPU requirements

Currently MinerGate supports NVidia cards with CUDA version 7.5, compute capability >2.0 and AMD cards with OpenCL 1.2; latest official drivers should be installed.

What’s more, for Ethereum mining user’s card should have at least 2 GB of RAM because of the size of Ethereum’s DAG file, which is constantly growing.

If user’s GPU meets these requirements, but is not detected by the software, user should send the logs of the application to the support team. They can be found in the menu bar of the application > Logs > MinerGate.

ASIC mining

ASIC miners can be used only for Litecoin mining on MinerGate, as other coins available for pooled mining are ASIC-resistant.

Please note that your ASIC should support Scrypt algorithm that LTC is based upon.

In order to connect to MinerGate pool, please download an alternative miner for Litecoin and enter the following address and port:


MinerGate mobile miner

Due to the recent update of the new Google Play Development policies requirements, the mining option has been removed from the most recent version of MinerGate Mobile. The new v.2.4 is designed for monitoring and managing your mining process. The previous version of our application is available on the Download page https://minergate.com/downloads/gui

Mining Options

currency Console Mining GUI Mining Block Explorer
AEON Yes Yes Yes
BTC Yes No No
BCN Yes Yes Yes
DSH Yes Yes Yes
XDN Yes Yes Yes
FCN Yes Yes Yes
LTC Yes Yes Yes
XMR Yes Yes Yes
MCN Yes Yes Yes
QCN Yes Yes Yes


If you compare this platform with other mining pools, MinerGate has the following advantages:

  • support for multiple languages;
  • a large number of coins for mining;
  • different types of rewards;
  • easy to connect.


MinerGate also has its drawbacks. One of the most important is the “Cloud mining” section. A beginner may find this option a convenient way to start to mine crypto-currency, but experienced miners know that cloud mining is better to use specialized services:

When using these services, attachments will pay off much faster than on MinerGate. Also, the interface of these services is designed to work with cloud mining and much better suited for these purposes, you can compare it yourself

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